Ocean Midi Music Festival 2011

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General information

Date: Aug. 4th - 7th, 2011 (every day: 15:00-24:00)
Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music
Festival Series: Midi Music Festival
Location: Olympic Water Park Sun Square in Rizhao City, Shandong Province.


Tickets: Single Day: 60 RMB / All 4 Days: 200 RMB
Ticket Service: Hotline: 400-610-3721 or online: www.damai.cn
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2011 Ocean Midi Music Festival is Calling on August!

Curtain-up of Ocean Midi Music Season at the Weekend

After the huge success of Beijing & Shanghai Midi Music Festivals, the first Ocean Midi Music Festival is about to curtain up. 2011 Ocean Midi Music Festival will take place during August 4th to 7th in Rizhao City, Shandong Province. More than 44 top notch bands, including Cui Jian and Tang Dynasty, have been confirmed to play on the festival. In addition, from the upcoming weekend onwards, Ocean Midi Music Season will take the lead and start up an appetizer for the audience with a 4-month long rock series in the Sun Plaza of Rizhao Olympic Aquatic Park.

As the warming-up and a branch project of Ocean Midi Music Festival, the “Ocean Midi Music Season” will last from May 14th to September 17th. The event will be comprised of 18 small-scale international concerts at the following 18 weekends. With a lush variety of music genres, you are able to witness live performances of Jazz, Folk, Blues and Rock Music of course, Crossover and Electro Dance music. The first concert of Ocean Midi Music Season will take place between 19:00-22:30 on Saturday night, May 14th in the Sun Plaza of Shandong Rizhao Olympic Aquatic Park, free of charge. From 19:00 to 22:30, 3 and half an hours’ duration, bands such like Candy Monsters, Friend or Foe, Namo and The Ghost Spardac offer Midi music addicts a veritable rock live feast as the starter of the whole music season!

Midi Music Festival is the earliest, most well-known, most international influential open air music festival has ever established in China. Over years, with professional experience of hosting music festivals in Beijing, Zhenjiang and other cities in mainland, Midi has achieved one of the most outstanding modern music brands. Dozens of famous professional bands both domnestic and from aboard as well as hundreds of musicians will perform at Midi Music Festival every year, and beyond all this, an enormous amounts of “Midi Maniacs” gather together in the venue from various parts of the country. Hundreds of international and national well-known media pay sustainable attention to Midi events as well. In 2011, Midi Music Festival spreads its charm across the country and will carry the force of the cities Beijing, Shanghai, Rizhao and Zhenjiang successively. This is also the new record of a music festival brand, which created a miracle of implementing four big rock festivals in the same year!


Thursday 4th August 8月4日 星期四

16:00-16:30 641

16:45-17:15 No Fish 非鱼
17:30-18:00 Gao Feng & G-Eleven 高峰&G-Eleven
18:15-18:45 The SpacePimps (USA)(美国)
19:00-19:30 Nanwu 南无
19:45-20:15 Secret 7 Line (Japan)(日本)
20:30-21:10 Brainfailure 脑浊
21:25-22:05 Yaksa 夜叉
22:35-24:00 Cui Jian 崔健

16:00-16:40 Gangzi 刚子

16:50-17:30 Yang Jiasong 杨嘉松
17:40-18:20 Ma Tiao 马条
18:30-19:10 Shanren 山人
19:20-20:00 Zhong Lifeng 钟立风
20:20-21:00 Soundtoy 声音玩具
21:20-22:00 Chuanzi 川子
22:20-23:00 Liu Donghong & Sand 刘冬虹&沙子

Alessandro - Italian DJ Model

Donmy Liu –CQ
Eddie Lv – BJ
Gao Hu –BJ
Terry TuAcupuncture BJ
XLFAcupuncture BJ

Friday 5th August 8月5日 星期五

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Location & Directions

by Train

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Flea Market and Environment Matters

Midi Festival Flea Market shot by Cai Ming.jpg

Midi Festival will provide a seperate area for a Flea Market and private sales again this year, here are few rules to be respected also about environmental issues and garbage policy.

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Participating Artists

Foreign Artists

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Local Artists

please find below a selection of participating domestic artists

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Flea Market, Other Activities and Environment Matters

Information about Security Matters and Regulations

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