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Bad Apples, Beijing, Rock n'Roll



Vocals / Guitar: Michael Dallin

Lead Guitar: Kris Liu

Bass: Xiao Mu

Drums: Wang Yang

Former Members

Da Chuan: bass

Todd Marti - Drums

Mark Angell - Keys


In March of 2007 Michael Dallin asked Kris Liu to join him on stage @ a show he had booked while stopping in on his home town of Salt Lake City for a brief period before moving himself to Phoenix where he worked on expanding his abilities as a singer and focusing in on "Living The Dream" While in Phoenix Michael couldn't get Kris Liu's rocking guitar solo's and riffs out of his head so in August he booked another show in Salt Lake City and has been seen rocking next to Kris Liu ever since. In October 2007 the duo was given the name "Bad Apples" by close friend Singer/Songwriter Ashlee K. who actually introduced Kris and Michael about 3 years prior. Bad Apples brings you Soulful Rock Tunes, with storyteller lyrics and melodies that will ring in your ears for years to come. Kris' lead guitar solos and riffs give the Bad Apples that nice finishing touch that puts the Rock right into your Soul. Bad Apples is a band started by Michael Dallin and Kris Liu, they have a very unique combination of Rock N’ Roll, reggae and blues sound. Bad Apples has been playing music all around the word including Canada, Brazil, Italy, England, France, and now China. Originated from Los Angeles, California, Michael and Kris came to Beijing, China in 2008, where they currently reside. They found female drummer Wang Yang and Xiao Mu (bass) to join their group. The current Bad Apples plays a variety of great rock covers along with their original music. They can be seen playing all over China.


Pangea - 2009

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