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one of the oldest living stong in Chinese rock: Zhang Ling

The Big John Blues Band (张岭的蓝调老张乐队, Zhang Ling de Landiao Laozhang Yuedui),Beijing based all star rhythm & blues band


Vocals + Bass: Zhang Ling (张岭, ex-Rhythm Dog)

Sax/Wind Plaer and Percussions: Jin Hao (金浩, ex-Rhythm Dog)

Guitars: Jia Tienan (贾轶男) + Zhu Aijun (朱爱军)

Keyboards: Zang Hongfei (臧洪飞, Jungle Cat) + Zhang Zhang (张张)

Drums: Liu Wei (刘维, Jungle Cat)


Zhang Ling himself is indeed a real chn. rock legend, formed his first band May-Day (五月天, not to be confused with the same named Hongkong pop-rock youngsters!) in 1986 together with famous rock musicians such as Qin Yong (ex-Black Panther, Jiang Wenhua, Cao Jun, He Yong, etc.) and performed together with Cui Jian on legendary rock shows the same year in Beijing University and the Forbidden City Concert Hall! Within the next two years he has been active as producer and helped people like Zhang Chu (张楚!) to start out with his famous debut! After several performances on big festivals he went abroard to study jazz bass performance in Australia until 1994 when he joined Cui Jian’s band after his return. Since 1995 he also started teaching on Blues & Jazz Singing and Music Theory at the Beijing Midi School of Music. In the year 2000 he became the only endorser in China for famous German bass guitar label Warwick and endorser for american string brand D’addario in 2004. During 1994 till now he participated in countless productions as professional musician and producer for and with la creme de la creme of Chinese pop and rock, collaboration with star musicians such as Cui Jian, Liu Huan, Tian Zhen, Wong Fey, Jack Chan, Yu-Quan, Guo Feng, Han Hong, Sun Nan, Ding Wie, Fei Xiang, Ai Jing, Sha Baoliang, Chen Lin, Pu Shu and supergirl-queen Li Yuchun etc. In 2006 he signed the artist deal with the record label Dongle Music.

The Big Jong Blues Band was founded in 2007, the line up consists of over-all great musicians, new and old, hand-picked by frontman Zhang Ling. Wind player and percussionist Jin Hao has been a long time companion of Zhang Ling of the old Rhythm Dog Band days. Guitar youngster Jia Tienan is a graduate from Midi School and has become one of the most respected professional musicians nowadays. Old guitar hero Zhu Aijun has been a solid contributor to Chinese rock history, and carries on his rock’n’roll spirit with his own calm yet enthusiastic way. Drummer Liu Wei and keyboarder Zang Hongfei (now the core duo of Jungle Cat) are also some of recently most wanted musicians who keep bringing fresh wind into Chinese rock music. Keyboarder Zhang Zhang (nickname Lil’ Fatboy, 小胖) is the youngest of the line-up, within a few short years he has grown into a solid match maker and contributes his vivid talent to the band.

Rhythm & Blues is the main flag of The Big Jong Blues Band, with a slight hint at the tightness of rock and the virtuoso performance of funk. With this line-up they participated on the 2007 Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival in Yunnan. Soon Zhang Lin’s new solo album „Women’s Song“ will be released by Universal China.

Further Information

Participant on Midi Music Festival 2008