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Bitetone is an online music webzine from Hongkong.



Bitetone is an independent online music magazine focused on capturing the best sounds from the up-and-coming Hong Kong / Taiwan / PRC music scenes. Our content is presented in both the Chinese and English languages, and caters to both demographics. We strive to bring you the latest news, reviews and features and everything in between of the Greater China music world.

Here at Bitetone, our passion towards music runs the gamut, and we are not bound to any specific genre or type of music. In an effort to present a comprehensive overview of the music scene, we cover all styles of music ranging from Metal, Jazz to Pop.

In addition to bringing the latest happenings to our readers’ attention, we are also focused on documenting independent music talents. Throughout the years, many of us have felt a lack of coverage on the lesser-known players of the Chinese music scene. To shift the focus somewhat away from mainstream mainstays such as Faye Wong, Jay Chou and the likes, we hope to uncover the other side of the picture, and showcase talents that are no less deserving of recognition. Through research and archive building, we hope to map out, and serve as an entryway to the thriving world of Chinese independent music.

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