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Broken (破碎, pò suì), origin: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, now Beijing based, Nu Metal/Punk band


Vocals: Jiang Wei (江巍)

Guitar: Chuan Xin (传鑫)

Bass: Xiaohao (小皓)

Drums: Dawei (大伟)

Electro Sampling: Wei Pei (魏沛)

Former member: Han Jixing (韩吉星, guitar player)


When suddenly new things occur, screams and shouts are often not far, the same when things go „Broken“! In summer 1998, the band Broken was found in their northern home town Harbin (Province Heilongjiang). Within the first 4 years the line-up carrousel survived over 10 former band members and the style also keeps changing onwards with mastermind Jiang Wei’s growth as musician. „Darkness“, „Hypocrisy“, „Falling“ from the beginning days untill nowadays ‚Fantasy’, ‚Hope’ or ‚Farewell’, all has been keywords in Broken’s lyrics, which also shows us that the band is becoming mature.

The real Broken took shape after guitarist Chuan Xin, bass player Xiaohao, drummer Dawei and electro tech joint the band. After few years of live performances Broken's music is spread to every corner of the cold northern city and seemed to reach a big name status, at this point, band leader Jiang Wei made an unconventional decision to head out town. On one hand to prevent letting the 'success' grow over their minds, but on the other hand also to carry the band development onto the next level.

A new beginning is dated in September 2003, they left their beloved home city behind them and landed in the place where all roads are leading to, Beijing the stage that means the whole nation. After 7 years of band existens they already lernt how to deal with the continous change of living situation and soon found their own way to fit into the new environment. Beijing's underground was overfilled with Nu Metal and Punk, where it seemed to have no space left for such a band like Broken. But in the end they made it to assure their steady place with their keep-on-going spirit. More gigs followed, more attention also from the music circle, soon they found themselves being on the way from underground to 'overground'. When all seemed to go well guitar player Han Jixing suddenly had to head home to care for his father in sickness. In winter 2004 Jiang Wei let all his pain flow out into the song "Moment" (《瞬间》), a farewell present dedicated to Han Jixing and all friends in the music scene... over 20 musician friends came over to contribute to the final take of this song, that was a moment for tears.

In April 2005, Broken made it to get a record deal at Modi Records (魔笛唱片), all band members are feeling so overwelming happy, just like it in their lyrics, they kept laughing and laughing and the tears come out ... because they all know this coming record might not mean a thing but at least this is an answer for themselves and the hard struggling of the past years.

The way for tomorrow is still very long and their choice still is to keep go on.

Further Information

Participant on Midi Music Festival 2008