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Casino Demon

Casino Demon, 赌鬼 Du Gui, Beijing Punk / Indie / Rock band



Guitar/Vocals: Wang Zi (王子)

Guitar: Yang Yang (泱泱) (The Heartstealers)

Bass: Liu Yang (刘洋)

Drums: Ma Jian (马剑)


Veering from raw, raunchy noises to well-crafted songs, form tightly controlled, rapidly paced shows to drunken, lunatic ravings, Casino Demon during 2006 moved from the outskirts of the Beijing music scene to becoming one of the central bands, equally at home with crazed punks or with astonishing guitarists. The have been called emo, Britpop, metal, punk, and many other things, and leader Wang Zi is very obviously a sophisticated musician with a wide range of talents and influences, but at heart the band is an all-out rock and roll band that grabs everything it likes and smashes it together into their songs. Their shows even vary depending on who they are playing with, but when they really crank it up they sound only like themselves.

Songwriting and guitar playing are the two most abundant kinds of talent in the Beijing scene – for sheer songwriting and guitar playing Beijing can compete with any city in the world – and Casino Demon is strong at both. Guitarist/vocalist Wang Zi has put together a very strong backing group to showcase these talents.

-- taken from D-22

In May 2009, Wang Zi is voted the no. 19 coolest rock star in Beijing by Timeout Beijing Magazine. Lead singer Wang Zi stands out, not only for his great songwriting and sharp guitar skills, but for his insouciant Mod-inspired cool – he rocked up to Time Out’s photoshoot wearing a waistcoat paired with rolled-up jeans and an outrageous pair of clean white sandals, and drank and smoked throughout. [1] August 8th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Main Stage.

In September (5th - 27th) they toured the USA during the Sing For China Tour 2009 organized by Modern Sky Records. September 11th, they rocked the Artistery in Portland, Oregon. According to commentor Alex: Casino Demon were just terrible. CD didn’t put much energy into their set, and had a condescending attitude toward the audience. Casino Demon exemplified the type of band that is heavily hyped (and even plays mainstage at large domestic rock festivals), that comes to America is surprised that nobody bats an eyelash. Besides that, their cover of the Ramones “KKK Took My Baby Away” nearly cleared the dance floor, it was so bad. [2]

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