Chaile Podcast no. 2

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Chaile Podcast no. 2

General information

Moderator: Adam of Chaile

Length: 31:00

Published: April 14th 2006

Download link:

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Featured Artists

  1. Subs - "Red Hair" (unreleased demo)
  2. 美好药店 (Glorious Pharmacy) - "苍老虫" (请给我放大一张表妹的照片 Please Enlarge My Cousin's Photograph)
  3. B6 - "Little Absurdity" (Little 9 EP)
  4. Double Fish - "Machine Man" (Hackers EP2)
  5. U235 - "姥姥" (地下成都 Underground Chengdu)
  6. Cold Blooded Animal - "窗外 (Outside the Window)" (s/t)
  7. 718 - "执一 (One/The Funeral Song of Cosmos)" (非攻 [Nowise Assault])

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