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General information

Title Changjiang Midi Music Festival 2013
Start Date 2013/10/02 01:00:00 PM
End Date 2013/10/04 09:30:00 PM
Organizer Beijing Midi School of Music, Beijing Midi Productions Co. Ltd., Huaxia Culture and Tourism Zone Co. Beijing Midi Productions Co. Ltd. Beijing Midi Productions Co. Ltd.

Event Poster

Changjiang Midi Music Festival 2013

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General information

Festival Series: Midi Music Festival

Location: Shanghai Pudong Shanghai Pudong San Jia Gang Port 上海浦东三甲港.



20th Anniversary of Midi School of Music

2013 Changjiang Midi Festival, Presale Starts

20 years ago, Beijing Midi School of Music, the first music school in China which imparts Blues, Rock ’n’ Roll and Jazz, was established. From the first Midi Festival holding by this unremarkable non-state school in 2000, with 13 years’ steady development, Midi School of Music has become the Whampoa Military Academy of China Rock on the mind of millions of young music lovers. So far Midi Festival has been to Beijing, Zhenjiang, Shanghai, Rizhao, Guiyang etc, and this year it finally arrives in Shenzhen for the first time.

The annual theme of Midi Festival has been named as “Midi School 20 Years”, since this is Midi School’s 20’s birthday. From May 3rd to May 5th, at Century Park, Pudong, Shanghai Midi Festival will arrive again with its anniversary joyfulness and confirm the immortal legend of China Rock by revelry of tens of thousand people!

The rock gathering at Changjiang Midi Festival in the golden October week!

In the year of 20th anniversary of Beijing Midi School of Music, the cradle of the gigantic institution of Chinese rock and many front riders of the genre, Midi Festival has already organized 3 successful festivals in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in May 2013. Now in the golden season of Autumn, the long awaited Changjiang Midi Music Festival is coming back after a two years break, this time changing its location to the estuary of the Long River (Changjiang) at Shanghai coast. Changjiang Midi Music Festival 2013 will take place between October 2nd till 4th in Shanghai Pudong Huaxia Culture and Tourism Zone, presented by Shanghai Huaxia Culture and Tourism Zone Development Co. LTD., Beijing Midi School of Music and Beijing Midi Productions Co. LTD.

On this 3-days open air music festival, there will be over 200 artist groups performing on in total 9 stages including usual Midi Festival stages such as Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, but also adding new stages such as Kid's Midi stage, Spring and Autumn, Warring States and Han, mostly named after dynasties of ancient Chinese history. With that, Midi aims for the biggest entity to be witnessed yet in its own festival history.

On the press conference in July 24th, Midi chief Mr. Zhang Fan announced the first festival line up including big names the Chinese rock scene such as AK-47, Carsick Cars, CMCB, Spring And Autumn, Top Floor Circus, Reflectors, Hao Yun, Queen Sea Big Shark, King Lychee, Narakam, Muma & Third Party, Brain Failure, Twisted Machines, Cold Fairyland, SMZB, SUBS, Escape Plan, Miserable Faith, Omnipotent Youth Society, Cobra, Yaksa, Tomahawk, Suffocated, LR, etc. More artists will be confirmed soon. Where the ever floating streams of Long River embrace the open sea, like echoing guitar riffs hook on open minds, let us meet again on the music festival that made history in Chinese Rock!

  • Changjiang Midi Music Festival 2013
  • at Shanghai Pudong San Jia Port
  • October 2nd - 4th, 2013

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Midi Festival Flea Market shot by Cai Ming.jpg

Flea Market and Environment Matters

Midi Festival will provide a seperate area for a Flea Market and private sales again this year, here are few rules to be respected also about environmental issues and garbage policy.

For details: Read more ...

Stage Schedules

This year's Midi festival in Shanghai will feature 9 independent stages called the

  • 唐舞台 / TANG STAGE
  • 宋舞台 / SONG STAGE
  • 明舞台 / MING STAGE
  • 汉舞台 / HAN STAGE
  • 清舞台 / QING STAGE
  • 孩子迷笛舞台 / KID'S MIDI STAGE

on which every day domestic and international artists will perform. Detailed schedules are available.

Read more ...

Participating Artists

The Shanghai Midi festival features over a dozen foreign artists and famous domestic artists.

Once bands are announced you can find more details both here and on the overview of bands.

Local Artists

please find below a selection of participating domestic artists

and many more ...

Foreign Artists

and many more ...

Further information

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