China IN! Episode III

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China IN 音乐调频

China IN!音乐调频 – 第三集

合成器,效果器,比特。   听起来有点抽象?电子音乐人就是这样一些魔术师,他们让数据起舞,让我们为之疯狂。   这期的“ChinaIN!音乐调频”将给大家带来中国独立电音先锋Dead J的详细推介和“囍”的专访内容,前者用极简哲学武装起自己的电音世界,后者带来的“民族电子乐”概念将会让你发现民乐和电子的结合如此迷人。         这是“聪明的”电子乐,这是我们不一样的digital age!

(Mandarin - 普通话)

China IN! (Episode II)

Introduction to series:

China IN is a radio series presented by Yang Zhou, Yang Honglv, Zhang Ruoyang and Wang Yu, on London Chinese Radio. The music covers a wide spectrum of genres and styles, and was initially meant to be a compliment to London Chinese Radio's "New Sounds of China", but soon took on a life of its own.

All of the shows are still available for listening on London Chinese Radio [1], but we will be making these listenable from Rock in China over the next few months for your convenience. We hope you enjoy!

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