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Cuntshredder (阴道撕裂者), Tianjin based Brutal Death Metal / Old Grind Core



Vocal - Pei Ning

Guitar - Zhang Wuqiang (Nocturnal Necroholocaust)

Bass - Lin Yi


Formed in Spring 2002, Cuntshredder started being called Blood Banquet and orientated itself on Brutal Death Metal bands such as SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CARCASS, SIX FEETUNDER and DEICIDE.

In Summer 2002 the band entered the studio and recorded 5 demo songs on tape, but shortly after the Blood Banquet broke up due to time conflicts with the band members studies.

However each member still increased their musical skills and received influences by devourment, dripping,disgorge(US), sect of execration, retch, cock and ball torture as well as prostitute disfigurement.

After approximately one year break, in May 2004, the singer and guitarist of Cuntshredder cooperated with the vocalist of Vomit recorded two songs, that were distributed on the internet and received strong positive feedback.

After several band member changes, on February 4th 2005, Cuntshredder finally released their first official demo called VOMIT INTO BITCH'S ASS, which was sold in Tianjin, Beijing and New Zealand.

Later that month Cuntshredder signed with Bastards Production (February 20th).

June 6th 2005, Cuntshredder records several songs for the compilation CD Bastards fall in fucking love.




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