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DJ Dio, Beijing-based DJ


DJ Dio is one of the founders of the Beijing dance music scene, known for infamous opus such as "Lotus" or "Morse" etc. Performing together with international top DJs, his own performance has gained more power in emotional expression and controlled flow. As one of the trade marks DJs of Yan he is seen as one of the best progressive house DJs in China, especially skilled in the fusion of electro/breaks and progressive house, he found a way to construct dance music structure with the elegance classical music. Some would even call ihm the Chinese poet of electro dance music.

北京电子舞曲创始人之一,曾创立“LOTUS”、“MORSE”等舞曲品牌。多年中与世界众多顶级DJ同台献艺的经历使他永远沉着而感性丰富。作为“焱” 舞曲品牌的北京DJ,也是目前中国最为杰出的PROGRESSIVE HOUSE DJ。而他最擅长将ELECTRO\BREAKS和PROGRESSIVE HOUSE几种曲风在融合中灵活的转换,建筑了交响乐般的舞曲架构,以中国电子舞曲诗人著称。

On May 2nd, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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