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DJ Weng Weng

DJ Weng Weng is owner of Acupuncture Records and Beijing Lantern Club and organizer Beijing Intro Festival

General information

Before emerging as one of the pioneers of China’s electronic music, Weng Weng established himself as a guitarist for ten years in China’s rock scene. In 1997, Weng Weng started organizing underground dance parties in Beijing. His consummate mixing techniques and profound understanding of grooves impressed China’s godfather of rock, Cui Jian, so much that he was asked to join Cui’s band on several nationwide tours in 1998 and 1999. While performing with Cui Jian’s band Weng Weng never stopped throwing underground dance parties.

In the early 2000, he founded “China Pump Factory” with Yang Bing and Will and started their party series at Beijing’s then best-known electronic music spot Club Vogue. “China Pump Factory” rapidly gained its fame among Chinese and foreign partiers in Beijing, and its regular Friday nights at Club Loft were always a full-house with their trademark pumping beats going from dusk till dawn.

On June 17, 2000, “China Pump Factory” hosted the first ever outdoor rave party on the Great Wall, which was such an unforgettable night that it has been branded into people’s memories until today. In October 2000, Weng Weng established Club Velvet Room – the most important underground rendezvous spot for Beijing’s electronic music lovers who could never get enough of their pioneer sounds.

In August 2001, Swiss electronic DJ group CHEESE(Michael&Philip) invited four chinese djs went to Zurich,Weng Weng participated in Zürich’s “Street Parade” electronic music festival together with fellow Chinese DJs Yang Bing, Ben Huang and You Dai. Their performance gained colossal support from the crowd and they were asked to come back to Zürich again in December to spin for a special gig, “House of China”at Club Q . In 2003, Weng Weng, Ben Huang and You Dai opened Club FM, a two-story club that featured various music styles from old school funk to techno.

While running Club FM, Weng Weng kept producing and promoting electronic music, studying new technologies and had releases with Modern Sky Records. In September 2007, after three years of silence, Weng Weng made a comeback and established ACUPUNCTURE RECORDS together with seven top Chinese techno DJs. Their Minimal Hit, Beijing Techno All-Stars, and Freak DJs party series swept Beijing, Shanghai and Jinan by storm within a short time of three months. Their unique style of minimal techno was rapidly recognized among a huge crowd of music lovers, with their parties never failing to last until sunrise. ACUPUNCTURE RECORDS’ DJs are also focused on producing their own techno records to promote the development of China’s local electronic music culture.

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