Deadly Sins

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Deadly Sins, Si Zui, Shanghai-based Death Metal


Lead Vocals - Peng Yu

Guitar - Jun Li

Bass - Ming Zhou

Drums - Wei Wang


Out of the foundation of a former grindcore band, they changed the name into Deadly Sins in 2001 and turned towards grinding brutal death. With their gore grind image their name was spred rappidly over the internet as one of the first new school gore bands in China. After longtime dependence on drum computer, they finally got the Drummer Wei Wang into the band who is the local Pearl Endorsor for ShangHai. During the years 2003 and 2004, grinding new school brutal death with bullfrogg vocs was quite a fashion in the chinese metal underground, but certainly no one would expect to find such a well performing band in Shanghai, where the metal scene has alway been very small.

2002 Mort took the song "Awakening the beast in your heart" for "Resurrection of the Gods II". Getting more improved in playing technique, another killertrack "Burn out the souls" found it's way to the brutal death compilation "China runs Blood" in 2004.


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