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Dish, Beijing britpop band



DISH is a Britpop band that has been kicking around Beijing and China since 2007. The name has no deep meaning; just a name on behalf of five individuals in this band. Once you've heard them, you'll never forget them.

2010-01-10 @ 21:00 : MAO Livehouse (with Today, Smartkin, Zuobin & Band)

2010-03-04 @ 20:30 : MAO Livehouse (with Redberry, Final Message, the me guan me's)

2010-03-11 @ 20:30 : MAO Livehouse (with The Ghost Spardac, Fa Tiao Ka Mu Suo, The Urbis, Double Harvestman)

2010-04-11 @ 20:30 : MAO Livehouse (with Zhu Yaqiong & Bobo Lee, Today)

2010-05-04 @ 13:00 : Haidian Park (with Miserable Faith, Yaksa, Fall Insects, Perdel, Nanwu, Gemini, The Urbis, Carsick Cars, Miao, Wang Fanrui, A.J.K (Army of Jade Kirin), Narakam, Muma & Third Party, Free The Birds (Ziyo), Rolling Rolling, Caracal, Lao Liu & Sand, Brain Failure, Velvet Highway, Chaine Band)

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