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Dragon Tongue Squad, Beijing based hip hop trio


Line Up

MC - Crazy Chef (Zhang Nan 张楠)

MC, DJ - Kirby Lee (Li Junju, also known Sketch Krime aka Verbal Confucius)

MC, J-Fever (Zhao Hong)


Dragon Tongue Squad are the main core artists of hip hop label Dragon Tongue Records, a sublabel of KKP Productions, the name was given by the boss of KKP; their style got some weird Chinese music elements in it, not only by adding Chinese music instruments into drum loops but also providing some interesting extras to complete their vivid sounding Chinese styled hip hop. Their rhymes, spit out in Chinese, are kept in a traditional way of Chinese humor, just like the Si-Chuan people when they are gathered around chatting by tea with friend. It’s called Long Men Zhen, translated as Dragon Tongue. Dragon Tongue Rec. released a compilation <Dragon Tongue I> which features too many well-known mandarin emcees, the young formation mentioned before "Dragon Tongue Squad" is the main core of "Dragon Tongue Rec.", their song <Game Anthem> which is also included in this compilation has hutted a lot of Chinese music charts with an unbelievable good result in form of a single release.

Formed in 2004 with two of the best Mandarin MCs, Crazy Chef and Kirby Lee, and joined by J-Fever (aka Lil Tiger) in 2007, Dragon Tongue Squad (DTS) is the best Hip-Hop crew in China. DTS are core artists of Dragon Tongue Records.

DTS’s style has unique elements such as adding Chinese musical instruments into drum loops and providing other interesting extras to their vivid sounding Chinese styled Hip-Hop. DTS’s single Game Anthem has entered a lot of Chinese music charts. Their debut album Crazy 4 Hip-Hop (2006) sold very well and songs like Chinese Food and 1983 have received many positive responses, helping the Mandarin Hip-Hop scene to grow in China. Because of their ill beats and ass-kicking lyrics, the duo has been described as “Chinese 2pac meets Chinese Biggy” by the media. Crazy 4 Hip-Hop has been nominated for the best Hip-Hop album of the year in one of the most authoritative music awards in China.

August 9th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Main Stage.

Kirby Lee (Li Jun Ju)

Chinese hip-hop activist, peace advocate, university dropout and explorer in music, Kirby Lee has released an instrumental album Candy Store, making mellow beats and writing honest verses about society and life. His second solo album Dope Kid Kirby Lee (2007) is a smash hit on the Chinese Pop music scene.

Crazy Chef (Zhang Nan)

Living poet, smart fighter, fat kid and long time historic Beijing clubber, Crazy Chef is crazy about collecting hats and has a unique philosophy of how to dress like a super bling bling bling hip-hopper. His solo album is coming soon.

J-Fever (Zhao Hong)

National freestyle battle champion, young dude J-Fever (aka Lil Tiger) is part of COU (Chinese Organic Union) project in DT’s family. He is still studying at university. What he really wants to do is to express himself through hip-hop music and travel to experience things.

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