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A podcast out of Hongkong by Tony Reno about Asian Music in more or less regular intervals. Each episode usually features 3 to 4 Asian bands from rock to hip hop.

General Information


DragonRadio Header.jpg
Logo of DragonRadio

English title Dragonradio
URL http://www.dragonradio.hk/
Language of website English
Founded in 2005

Subject of the Website

This website focusses mostly about the following subjects:

Podcast, Asian Music

General information

Started in 2005, DragonRadio is a one-man project podcast by Tony Reno, whose living in Hongkong.

In his own words: "The purpose of the podcast is to expose you, the listener, to as many sounds from Asia as humanly possible with the fewest rules and constraints we can. The drive is pop/rock music, but I will throw in something just because it sounds interesting. I want to challenge you, and at the same time promote the artists working out here. So subscribe to our RSS feed and Podcast to receive our show. "

With this intend, Dragonradio alreadz featured more than 40 shows in a more or less bi-weekly rhythm covering Asian music from as far as India, China, Thailand, Noise, Disco, Pop & Rock, Metal, Punk and Folk up to the mostly unknown Laos, Jakarta and pipa music.

Promoting the musicians and giving them a plattform to spread their music over the world and at the same time giving the world a channel to listen to Asia's cultural heritage, Tony Reno publishes mp3 between 15 and 25 minutes long with normally around 5-6 songs from various artists, including interviews, further information, announcements and jokes.


Our master list of all China-related Dragonradio shows.

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