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Gothic and dark music website & BBS,an extreme music record label as well

General Information


Dunklenacht logo.jpg
Dunklenacht Logo

English title Dunklenacht
Pinyin title 暗夜妖娆
URL http://www.dunklenacht.com
Language of website Chinese
Founded in 2005

Subject of the Website

This website focusses mostly about the following subjects:

Gothic, Dark Music, Metal


in Chinese








According to "The Creation" recorded with the seven days God created the world and created the first day of light, Milton in "Paradise Lost" in the case described the miracles of God: "God said: 'Let there be light'; instant jump out from the abyss between the Emmanuel ... ... "With the light, and will have a contrast of the dark, dark enchanting also hence the name.

Dark enchanting was established in October 25, 2005, the first webmaster of the Dead only comes from personal plan: to open up a new dark field, determined to put music spread to every corner of China, as far as possible contacts for the Chinese underground band performances for China to make a modest contribution to the rock. Time that he plans to achieve in a step by step, in which I would like to aspire dark kids who love rock music can come to the dark enchanting this organization, if you have a band, there are works I hope you will contact us, we bring you The music spread across the country and around the world, let people know about your music.

Dark enchanting is a medieval, Gothic culture, foreshadowing the dark nature as a cultural site, the site as a work of art to design, in 2006, won election to the dark underground of China one of the 10 most unique sites. Web site design has the same time into the image of the Nordic forest elves, classical aesthetic but beautiful dark, rich cultural heritage, there has been active in numerous sites and forums children of darkness, so dark enchanting continues today. Time to move forward, dark enchanting to develop, we need to do in any dark site, we agreed not to make a decadent white and dark deserted meaningless nature of the website, we have to do a full strength, spirituality and magic dark attributes of site, and dark has been extended ...

Dark enchanting site forums there are dozens of sub-version, each version has its own unique characteristics. In the music area, the dark night has a strong regular army, which made a real dark night did something forum; in the arts district, there are the strange theory of aphasia (most of the theory of domestic forum rare), and the deep darkness of literature etc.; of course the biggest feature is the dark night dark night planning a series of radio and performance, the dark-planned first-ever domestic Gothic Metal Session, received a large number of online media and print media coverage and praise, we use this as a new starting point, continue to plan high-level, high-level professional performance. Present and the dark band has worked up to more than 50 national branch, there is most of the band were all on behalf of the domestic top level. Hope that love rock and roll friend, concerned about the dark enchanting, participation dark enchanting, dark enchanting experience.

Forum traffic now and take an upward trend in the overall number of people online, where we thank those who have kids. Dark enchanting to the development of professionalism, and we have been exploring the development of a new direction forward, and we will keep the maximum dark enchanting unique cultural heritage, while constantly adding new elements to explore. Dark enchanting, and we will be in the future, and the blooming of Chinese rock with enchanting.

Bach notes in once wrote: "more shade than the dark place where tide is here! You can not imagine the space! Death is not that terrible, terrible thing is dead in here!" We are all warriors in that night When dawn came the moment, we will subsequently reduced to ashes. Because: the night gave me a pair of black eyes. So as long as you remember one sentence: Night enchanting - the dark, alone enchanting bloom.

Since May 2006, Dunklenacht is organizing regular concerts in the Beijing area.


Further information