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Eddie Lv electro, house / DJ origin Tianjin, now Beijing


text taken from jb193.com

Eddie Lv - Beijings owe Eddie Lv has been hitting the decks for over 10 years and helping establish the electronic dance music scene in china. With his own music label, Eddie is proficient in BREAKS and TECHNO.

Eddie Lv, established stable basic from electronic dance music to club music in more than ten years and found his own party label "DUNT" at the beginning of 2005.

As the proficient experts in BREAK BEAT & TECHNO style, Eddie Lv can take you into fantasy electornic music space each time at each DUNT's party. Masterly technique plus perfect steering ability, can drive you climax with the exile your soul. Lots of electronic music fans who attending DUNT party, highly commenting on Eddie: You can't feel tired and never wanna take a rest during Eddie's live music,His music will push you shaking continuously. Eddie Lv, the god to create screaming at parties.

Eddie Lv began his DJ career since the year 1994, he was the resident DJ in many high class clubs, then he's into the producing of the party field, organized international DJ's gigs and local electronic music party. Eddie Lv has lot of experience of collaborating with super international DJs on parties and he has performanced at lots of local big music festivals.

Eddie Lv was the warm up DJ of PAUL van Dyk's china tour in 2002 and 2005, Hernan Cattaneo's gig in 2003, Prodigy/Aghlli&Nielso's gig in 2004, Luke Fair's gig in 2005, SASHA/Meat Katie's gig in 2006 and so on...

Eddie Lv was the guest of TV programs of CHANNEL V in 2005 and 2006, he's been interviewed many times by fashion magazines, newspaper and websites such as voguezone.com while his DJ life.

DUNT party has been hold really successful at Beijing, Nanjing, Jinan, Suzhou and some other cities and Eddie Lv is still spares no effort promoting electronic music culture

On May 4th, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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