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Endoputurescence (内部腐烂 = Nei Bu Fu Lan)



Vocals - Kui Tian (Hades)

Guitar/Drum Programming - Xi Chen (Hades)

Bass - Boqian Gao (EX-Hollow)

Former Members

Cheng Cheng - Drum Programming (Pirates of Spirit)

Hongfei Zhou - Guitars (Hades)

Zhuo Wang - Bass

Liang Zhang - Guitars (ex-Cause of Death)


This ultra brutal death metal band was originally formed 1999 in Beijing by Mort Prod.'s Chieftain Steelbath and Hades-founder Hongfei Zhou. Because of different musical interests Zhou parted ways from this project. A new bullfrog shouter Kui Tian replaced Steelbath on Vocals which brought the band a big step towards their aims.

September 2000 they wrote their first song "famous for it's stinky name", where after Zhuo Wan has to quit the band because of technical problems, his replacement was soon found in Fastfinger Boqian Gao. October 2001 they managed to record the legendary oversong "Goregasm" for the first Chinese underground metal compilation "Ressurection of the Gods I" which immediately became a Genre-Hit, welcomed by the new generation of Grind/Death fans. Combining the complexity of Sinister with the wiredo Brutality of Cannibal Corpse this project became the first representatives of new school brutal death in China. Therefor the slogan: "All gore death freaks will need and enjoy this intense perversity and sadistic violation in algolagnic atmosphere."

Unfortunately this project wasn't able to give live shows because of too few song materials and no drummer. But they went on stage anyway on the release party of that compilation CD in 2002. This band set a heavy grinding stone of Chinese brutal death into rolling!

Later in 2004 they also contributed a new song called "Back from the grave" to the Brutal Death Compilation "China runs blood" by Mort Prod. Nowadays all 3 current members are playing in different bands like HADES or Hollow. But they still do some live shows, a full album is also in planning.



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