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Enter a New Artist

Please enter the artist's name and click the create or edit button. In the next step, you will be given some help to provide more details about your artist. You can check whether the artist already exists either through the search or by browsing through the artist category.

Please be aware that the artist will not be added until you hit the save button in the next step.

Description of this form


This form is used to add artists to the wiki. Please see the important notes to the bottom of this page.

Important notes

Please take note of the following:
  • for Foreign bands who come to perform in China, add them at the Form:Add a New Foreign Artist
  • please dont use both Chinese and english letters as the band name in the same time (there is an auto redirect function for this purpose), just drop me a line and i can help out (yang ( at ) rockinchina ( dot ) com)
  • Note: some people are persons AND artists at the same time. In order to distinguish it is important that TWO pages are being set up:
  • whereas the first concentrates on the artists being active under the scope of his NAME, the second page is to be about him/her as a person, i.e. including none-artist achievements. That could be e.g. filmography or producer or recorder, etc. Please see our Styleguide for more info.


Here are some good examples of artist pages already in the wiki:

You can find all existing artists in the artist category.