Gate of Meditation

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Gate of Meditation



Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming: Steelbath (Chen Xi, Owner of Mort Prod., Member of Painkiller Mag, Guitar at Hades and Endoputurescence)

Guitar - Zhang Rui

Guitar - Zhang Liang (ex-Cause of Death)

Bass - Zhang Lei

Keyboard - Ding Dong


This epic power metal project was initiated by Mort Productions owner and Painkiller Mag member Chen Xi, also known as Steelbath. Since the idea to form this band until the final set of the first song which was meant for Steelbath first production on Mort Prod. "Resurrection of the Gods I" compilation, the line-up has been changed many times just to find the right musicians to finish this idea. Painkiller Mag Editor and Rock in China member Yang was also tempolary involved into this Studio Project and together with Steelbath they even were working on a concept for a whole album. Actually the only recorded one song "Ancient Tale" which apeared on the compilation was suppost to be the opening chapter for a whole imaginary story about chinese ancient past and was even concepted to provide both Yang and Steelbath as vocalists singing on finished lyrics. But at the night when it comes to record the vocal lines both of them couldn't make it to finish the progressive singing part, so the funny decision was make to do a pure instrumental out of it and steelbath called in the keyboarder Ding Dong to come up with some melodies as replacement for the singing. Later on Steelbath was to busi while running his Mort Prod. beside his other two bands Hades and ENDOPURTRESCENCE, thus the whole concept was put on a hold.


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