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at Notting Hill Carnival UK 2011

Han Jiangxue, 韩江雪 aka 蛾子 Ezi or Ellen (nick names) is a project manager and promoter with an focus on indie/pop/electronica music and North European culture exchange.



Han Jiangxue's home town is Tibetian capitol Lhasa. Part of her childhood and youth time she spend in Chengdu and Shanghai where she wend to school. She studied Bachelor of Law: Diplomacy at Beijing China Foreign Affairs University from 2006 to 2010 and wend aboard to UK for Master studies Culture Management at Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Since 2010 til her departure to UK for her Master studies, she started working for the Beijing based label and booking agency Fake Music Media, mainly as project manager with an focus on conducting live shows with oversea bands. She also helps out for Festival participations mainly as local escort and translator.

Since 2011 she joint the staff of Painkiller Productions for background workloads such as paperwork, translation, reports and oversea communication. She also helps in updating and maintance it's other web platforms such as Rockinchina.com and Allnordic.com.

According to future plans by Painkiller to extend it's activities on culture exchange projects with Rockinchina.com and Allnordic.com, Han Jiangxue will be assisting on conducting projects and paperwork as Project Manager. Additionally, she is also assigned as oversea corresponding report for UK.


  • 2006-2010 China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, China BL Diplomacy;
  • 2011-2012 Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, MA Culture Management


Allnordic.com is a newly launched website with an overall focus on cultural events in China related to all north European countries. Han Jiangxue is assigned to be Editor.

Events and Projects

Fake Music Media

  • 2010 March – 2011 July: Project Manager
  • 2010 April: hospitality, translation, escort for Dance Dangereux II - DJ MUNK (DE)
  • 2010 March - May: artist assistant for Pet Conspiracy
  • 2010 May - June: logistics, concept development, executive management, hospitality, translation, escort for "Made in Berlin China Tour" - 3 tour projects with German artists Jeans Team, Pitchtuner and Jahcoozi
  • 2010 June - October: organizing and conducting 15 gigs at Shanghai World ExPO Germany Concert Series on Europe Square with Jeans Team / Pitchtuner / Jahcoozi / PuppetMastaz / Kissogram / DJ iPek
  • 2010 July – 2011 July: band assistant for Free the Birds
  • 2010 October: tour manage (incl. collaboration with the German Pavillion at World ExPO) for "Made in Berlin China Tour" with PuppetMastaz (DE)
  • 2011 April: concept development, organization and conduction of the French Horn Rebellion Beijing Concert

Festival Participations

  • 2010 July - August: hospitality, translation, escort for InMusic Festival with Blue Violets(CAN) and Killing Joke (Uk)
  • 2010 October: hospitality, translation, escort for InterCity Festival in Beijing with M.E.N (US)
  • 2011 March: for the Eagles Beijing Concert (by Gehua Live Nation) as personal escourt and translator for Glenn Frey
  • 2011 April: for the Bob Dylan Beijing concert as escort and translator for the band
  • 2011 May: hospitality, translation, escort for Music Valley International Music Festival (by Gehua Live Nation) with KT Tunstall (UK) and Negative (FIN)
  • 2011 May: for Beijing Kama Love Festival (executive production by Painkiller Productions) as Backstage and Logistics Manager and also as escort for Cowboy Junkies (CAN) and Eels (US)
  • 2012 August: for Guiyang Yoga Midi Festival as foreign bands coordination for NATY (KOR), Jeff Lang (AUS),Daylight (ESP) and Frida Andersson (FIN), etc.
  • 2012 November: Tour manager for three Chinese bands:Army of Jade Kirin, NewTank and Multi-Ego who performed in MU:CON Seoul 2012 in Korea

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