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Hell United; This is the regional metal collective formed by Shanghai's Chaos Mind and Six Shot together with Hangzhou's October Capricorn and Nanjing's From the Red.[1]



The collective was formed in 2009.

On June 17th, 2009, the three founding member bands Chaos Mind, Six Shot and October Capricorn opened for German Suidakra band at ZhiJiang Dream Factory.[2]

On March 13th, 2010, it had it's one year anniversary party in the Mao Live House Shanghai. According to Jake Newby: The turn out was a little disappointing. These shows are never going to draw massive crowds unfortunately, but the last few have been pretty busy and, especially as this was at MAO, the place seemed a little empty. Still, you know that whoever does show up to these gigs is going to be dedicated to the cause and so it proved with the numbers staying pretty much the same throughout the night (i.e. avoiding the usual 11pm drift away).[1]

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