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A brief history of metal music and its development in China.

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Due to the fact that modern music development across genres is based in similar roots (i.e. rock), the general development of contemporary music is described in the History of Rock in China, whereas below only the main and major events depicting the development of Chinese heavy metal are listed.

In 1988 metal started in China and thrives until the present day.

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The beginnings


In 1988 Ding Wu, Zhang Ju, Kaiser Guo (US) and Andrew Szabo (US) met at a party and decided to form Tang Dynasty. They played several gigs on smaller parties, but had to abandon touring plans after the Tiannmen incident 1989. Kaiser Guo and Andrew Szabo returned to the US. But in autumn 1989 Ding Wu and Zhang Ju met Liu Yijin (Lao Wu) and Zhao Nian, who join Tang Dynasty.

The 1990s

1990 & 1992

In May 1990, Tang Dynasty played for the opening ceremony of the "1990 Asian Games" in the worker's stadium in front of about 100000 people. The Chinese government thought that if they would allow a so called 'modern music band' to play, the foreign world would get an impression of a more open-minded China. The tremendous success Tang Dynasty got with this concert helped the Taiwan record company "Rolling Stone" (Gun shi) to overcome their objections to sign the band. Supplied with a record studio and a rehearsal room, Tang Dynasty recorded 11 songs until December 1991 and released their record A dream returns to Tang Dynasty in mainland China.

Bands formed in 1990: Error: No results!

Bands formed in 1991: | Again | Overload |


Bands formed in 1992: | The Shadow | Tomahawk |


Bands formed in 1993: | Hades | Vomit | 皇冠 |


Bands formed in 1994: | City |


The Tang Dynasty band soon became the icon of Chinese hard rock music, and their lightning-fast guitarist Liu Yijun (刘义军), a.k.a. "Lao Wu", became the first rock guitar hero in China. However, tragedy casted a dark shadow over the band on May 11th 1995 with the untimely death of bassist Zhang Ju, who was riding his motorcycle from a fellow rock scene bassist friend Chen Jin's home, when an accident occurred involving a collision with a truck on a freeway overpass. A dark day for Chinese metal & rock.

Bands formed in 1995: | Chthonic | Yaksa |


August: Suffocated are formed.

Around 1996: the first trash metal band of China Overload (超载), founded by The Breathing guitarist Gao Qi, releases their first self-titled record Overload, marking the ascend of Chinese metal into heavier genres and marking the ascend of this band to a superstar status.

Bands formed in 1996: | Suffocated |


Bands formed in 1997: | Almost Human | Heresy | Operating Table | Powell Young | Silver Ash |


August: Cankered Corpse are formed in Xi'an.

Bands formed in 1998: | Broken | Cankered Corpse | She Chi | Stale Corpse | Thallus | The Thor | Twisted Machine |


In wintertime Bloodbath is formed.

In December, Falling is formed in Hangzhou.

Endoputurescence is formed.

Bands formed in 1999: | 206 and Thinkers | Bloodbath | Burn | CO2 | Corpse Burner | Cut at Waist | Endoputurescence | Falling | Jing Jiao Ji Du | King Ly Chee | Miserable Faith | Ordnance | Purgatory | Qi Ying | Wu Yue Ping Fang |

The 2000s


Ordnance is formed.

July, Oxygen Can is formed.

In September 2000, the Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine is formed in Beijing, thereby being the first dedicated metal magazine in China. On September 15th, a huge release with over 1000 metalheads was held in the Volcano Disco, Beijing.

Bands formed in 2000: | AK-47 | Abyss | Beeline | Black Diamond | Black September | Cicatricial Diathesis | Day of Evolution | Death Pool | Elitism | Oxygen Can | Ritual Day | Spring and Autumn | Varuna | Zheng Fa |


June: The record label Mort Productions is founded by Painkiller people such as Chen Xi (Steelbath) and Yao Jin (Rotten Corpse). Further Evilthorn is formed.

On November 4th, China's first major metal compilation Resurrection of the Gods (VA) is released with tracks from 12 bands.

Bands formed in 2001: | Black Invocation | Deadly Sins | Evil Thorn | Halo with Holy Wings | Hei Dong | Illusion | MartyrdoM | Masturbation | Nether Flute | Pulse | Scattered Sand | Seraphim (Taiwan) | Shepherds the Weak | Ululate |


In May, Mort Productions releases Hades debut record.

Bands formed in 2002: | Armour | Black Tomb | Chao Ji E Ren | Cuntshredder | Dark Cosmos | Dark Vampire | Darkness over Depth | Doomsblade | Doomsnight Deathsacrifice | Flowing River on a Hold | Galaxy | Heartless | Kasasis | Kuang Ren | Last Chance of Youth | Ling Chi | Ling Chi (Hefei) | Meza Virs | Phagocyte | Regicide | Saga | Spirit Trace | System Collapse | The Last Successor | Visceral Suture | Wake Up | Wrath of Despot | Xia Yan |


On March 15th, the debut record Sky Lake of Ritual Day is released. Later in March the second installation of the Resurrection series, the Resurrection of the Gods II (VA) compilation, is released.

In the second half of 2003, Li Nan renames his old band Masturbation into Voodoo Kungfu.

Entamoeba Histolytica is formed.

Bands formed in 2003: | 641 | A.W.P. | Another clothes | Blood Funk | Bloodburband | Break Tragedy | Cadaver (Hongkong) | December | Entamoeba Histolytica | Frozen Cross | Genocide | Hollow | Hyonblud | Irresistible Hearts | Killing Corpse | Logic out of Control | Lunar Eclipse | Moonless Acheron | Naked Incise | Night Watcher | Norcelement | Poem of a Youngster Death | Pungent Liquid | Raping corpse to sacrifice the moon | Slit | VOODOO | Yi Yue |


At the beginning of 2004 Subconscious renames itself to Ego Fall.

In December, the more extreme-metal focussed compilation China runs Blood (VA) is released.

Feng He is formed in Tianshui.

Bands formed in 2004: | 37.5 | Ablaze | An Wu | Ancestor | Black Wings | Children Alpha | Dark Fount | Ego Fall | Enthrone | EpitapH | Evocation | Feng He | Four Five | Frosty Eve | Lie Zhi Xiang Shui | Medusa | MoЖYi | Nightingale | Nuclear Fusion-G | Power Sound | Terminal Lost | The Barque of Dante | The Illusion of Dawn | Victorious War | Yubi |


On May 2nd 2005, Cankered Corpse debut Pleasure of Mania of Mort Production is released. On the same day the third installation of the Resurrection series is released.

On May 15th, the Painkiller-organized Labyrinth gig is hold in the New Trend Rollerskate Ring. This is the very first foreign metal act's gig in China.

On September 23rd, 2005, the fifth anniversary party of the Painkiller Magazine is held in the Nameless Highland with leading metal oldtimers such as Suffocated and The Last Successor as well as newcomers Ego Fall and Hollow.

Explosicum is formed in Nanchang.

Bands formed in 2005: | Activated Carbon | Autopsia | Be Persecuted | Burnmark | Che Lie | Coprolagnia | Crack | DengeL | Deranged Shit | E.D.I.E.H. | Explosicum | From Chaos | Fu Xi | Hate Ka | K362 | LR | Midwinter | Nanahara Shuya | Raging Mob | S.A.W. | Shepherds the Weak | Virus of Predacity | WiderFahren | Xiong Qi | Xun Zang | Ye Hen |


On March 24th, 2006, German power metal band Edguy performs together with Chinese metal legend Overload in the Club Tango, Beijing. Furthermore, the metal compilation Dead Night 3 (VA) is released and its successor being released only a month later.

September 15th, the Painkiller Mag 6th anniversary is celebrated at the Starlive with Hades, Suffocated, Yaksa, Last Chance of Youth and Nether Flute.

On October 13th, German band Lacrimosa rocks the Starlive.

On November 10th, the Canadian documentary filmers Global Metal are visiting China and filming the large-scale concert at Star Live with The Last Successor, Spring Autumn, Suffocated, Ritual Day, Hades, Voodoo Kongfu and LR.

On December 8th, the 13 Club and Painkiller hold a Tribute to Dime memorial gig with Ordnance, Hades, Last Chance of Youth, Oxygen Can, Zuo You and Doomsblade

Bands formed in 2006: | Beyond Cure (TW) | Black Mamba | Bother | Chaos Mind | Chaotic Aeon | Daimon | Fen Shi | Keinviik | M-Survivor | Maul Badly | Partisan | Ren Zhi | Revilement | Screaming Savior | The Falling | The Metaphor | The Mushrooms | The Reason | The Samans | Variation | Wang Ling Gui Tu | Wasteland | Zhou Yuan |


On January 4th and 6th, foreign metal acts Edenbridge and Visions of Atlantis are touring Shanghai and Beijing respectively.

March 10th, Regicide's Extreme Intent Fatal Effect is being released.

April 7th - 28th, Suffocated is on their nationwide tour.

May 2007, Painkiller organized a China tour for HATESPEHERE.

On July 27th, the Painkiller Magazine organizes a Tribute to Testament concert for the actual Testament (USA) concert on July 29th.

September 2nd - 8th, Suffocated is on their Northeast tour.

October 20th - 31st, Suffocated is on their south China tour.

In December, Evilthorn's War Plague record is being unveiled. Furthermore, Frosty Eve's Dying Dreamland and Narakam's Awakening of Blind Fire are released.

Bands formed in 2007: | 5-Pointed Star | Aglare Light | Bitter Seeds | Brainwashed | Deeds--731 | Dinkumoil | Dragon Pizza | Exit A | Fearless | From the Red | Ghost Kid | Lacerate | Leukaemia | Metal Wing | Misshapen Hatred | Nakoma | Never Happened | Nihilist | Resist Control | Silent Resentment | Soma TNT | Tarot Saint | The Zombie Loves Beauty | Tomb Sound | Trouble Maker | Why Lazy |


January: Several foreign metal bands visited Beijing: Dark Tranquility, Nightwish, Skylark and Prog-Rock-Legends Dream Theater.

On March 22nd, the fifth installment of the Resurrection of the Gods series is released by Mort Productions.

On May 17th, the 2008 CHINESE METAL UNION PEKING TOUR took place in Beijing's Get Lucky bar. Further in May, the Burning at moment record of Narakam is released.

In June, the debute record of Frozen Cross called Frozen Heaven is released.

From September 28th to 30th, the 13 Club in Beijing hosted the 3 day Metal Festival Extravaganza 2008 with over 25 bands attending.

On October 26th, Autumn Red's record Qiu Hong is released.

In November, Ordnance toured through China in their Rock City China Tour. Furthermore, Ego Fall's debut record Spirit of Mongolia is released by Mort Productions.

Bands formed in 2008: | Angel Monoplane | Army of Jade Kirin | Back in Black | Bad Mamasan | Borkr | Dark Haze | Dexter | Dopamine | EvilMare | Forced Pose | Funeral (Life is a Funeral) | Hai Gu Shi | Hai Gui Si | Hell Savior | Ladybeard | Multi-Ego | Needle | NewTank | October Capricorn | Rampant | Septicaemia | The Dark Prison Massacre | The Ghost Spardac | White Wall |


On January 11th, the compilation record King-Size China 2nd Anniversary (VA) is released featuring a wide selection of Beijing's hardcore, emocore and screamo scene.

On February 24th, The Raving Radio release their record Infinite Sound.

In March, the Shanghai/Hangzhou/Nanjing band collective Hell United is formed; a collective starting their own concert series called Hell United to provide a space for metal bands to perform.

On May 1st, 2009, the 6th installation in the Resurrection of the Gods series by Mort Productions is released, presenting a new round of metal artists to China's audience.

On June 19th, Miserable Faith's live record 改变你的生活 is released by MicroMu.

On July 25th, Die From Sorrow's debut Sunset Eden is released on Mort Productions.

On September 25th, foreign band EXODUS performs in Beijing.[1] On September 27th, 5-Pointed Star's record Awake is released.

In October, Septicaemia's record 末世僵尸交响 and Screaming Saviour's Eclipse of the Dark Lunar are released by Mort Productions.

In November, Frosty Eve's record 极夜 is released.

In December, the black metal compilation Black Battle Corps II (VA), the second in the series, is released by Ghostdom Records.

Bands formed in 2009: | Arousal | Blademark | Bloom in the Dark | Broken Promises | Chaoskaif | Crossline | Deep Mountains | Devil Festival | Excited Insects | FaceFace | Final Message | Luktomo | Maniac | Mind Crash | Moon Tyrant | Murder Party | Rakasasa | Raving Jokes | Return The Truth | The Sweet Escape | Tropic Slaughter | Villain | Wings of Eternity |


On January 1st, 2010, Yaksa's third record You are not the loser is released. On January 24th, 2010, foreign band SAOSIN rocks the Mao Live House.

On March 30th, Suffocated released their second record World of Confusion.

On May 25th and 26th the Hellfest 2010 happened in Beijing and Shanghai respectively with foreign metal acts STRATOVARIUS, NEGATIVE, BEFORE THE DAWN and TURISAS performing.

September 23rd, metal legends Exodus performed in the Mao Live house.


On January 8th, 2011, Yaksa held their 15 years anniversary concert in the Yugong Yishan.

On March 19th, for the tenth time, the 330 Metal Festival happened at Tango, Beijing.[1]

Further in March and April, the fourth installation of the Metal Battle takes place in Beijing.


On February 11th 2012, Swedish metal act Opeth performed in Beijing.

On May 15th, the Rock in China produced compilation CORE IN CHINA (VA) featuring twenty Chinese 'core bands is released and receives good reception overseas in the States, France, Australia and many other places.

At the beginning of June, on the 4th and 5th, in the front-run to the European Championship in Soccer, Modern Sky and CCTV5 hosted a two-day concert and recording session at Tango Starlive filming amongst others Suffocated, Yaksa, Queen Sea Big Shark and several others. The live shots along with interviews were broadcasted during the CCTV5 coverage of the European Championship throughout the tournament.[2] According to Jo from Beijingdaze: It was interesting to watch, each band had 40mins total to set up sound check & record 2 songs. Some, like QSBS, took almost the whole time to set up, others, like LSD, set up quickly and got to play their songs twice. Reflector were super quick & the crowd were calling for more, they had time, but the organisers said no and had to remind the crowd this was not a show[3]

In August, the metal bands Suffocated, The Falling and Yaksa performed at the World's largest metal festival Wacken Open Air 2012 in Germany.

In October the Painkiller Fest 2012 is held in Beijing with death metal band CANNIBAL CORPSE.


April 13th 2013, The Nine Treasures winning the Metal Battle 2013

On April 13th 2013, The Nine Treasures performed at the Final Battle for the Wacken Metal Battle 2013 and won as Champion. Hence they are invited to perform at 2013's Wacken Open Air in Germany.[4]

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