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General information

This article explains how videos can be added to pages, what the correct tagging is, which templates are being used and which categories or pages use which videos.

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Adding of videos

The easiest way to add a video is to use the given video field on either of the following forms:

Another way is to include the following template anywhere on the following pages:



on pages within the following categories:

Correct Tagging of videos

If you use the following template


and the Youtube ID is entered, no further tagging is required. The title is optional but highly recommended for identifying the video.

Alternatively one can also use the following property tag:


in which the YOUTUBEID is exchanged with a the ID string, e.g. in the following example:

* [[[Hasvideo::KIpaSkhasXA#!]] Video of 阳春白雪(琵琶)]

However it is recommended to use the above template, in case further algorithms want to make use of the ID.

Where videos are being displayed

Videos embedded in Templates Pages
Category:Artists Template:PlayVideo


Rock in China TV

Main Pages for Underground/Rock, Mainstream/Pop, Traditional/Opera and Classical

pages within Category:Artists

pages within Category:Genre

Category:Records pages within Category:Records
Category:Foreign bands in China
Category:Songs Template:OldGenrePage



pages within Category:Genre

Main Page Traditional

pages within Category:Instruments

Category:Operas Main Page Traditional
Category:OperaStyle pages within Category:OperaStyle

from the above it becomes clear that videos embedded on ARTIST pages have the highest reach within this wiki, as such it is highly recommended to include videos on these pages, especially if they had been added on RECORDS pages before