Interview with Ashtemato (2012)

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Background Information
Genre Metalcore
Years active 2010 - present

Rock in China interviewed Chengdu metalcore band Ashtemato. Azchael for Rockinchina, Rao Rong for Ashtemato.

Azchael: Can you briefly introduce yourself and Ashtemato?

Rao Rong: We are Ashtemato from Chengdu, China. Ashtemato formed in 2010。 Our band style is metalcore, post hardcore effects. Our musicis direct and also has a strong inner self-reflection, we are sharp and ferocious. Since our formation we have been active in various rock live performances. We usually have our own work, so we practive after work and rehearse at weekends, up to three times a week。

Azchael: What instruments do you use, which brand?

Rao Rong: We use esp and fender guitar,bass.the Roland SP-606 and MACBOOK,TAMA drum and Zildjian cymbals。Shure sm58.

Azchael: Can you tell me something about the scene in Chengdu? From Beijing and the outside world, Chengdu is more or less “The Little Bar” and a number of surrounding bands. Can you agree? Disagree? What is happening in Chengdu in terms of metalcore?

Rao Rong: Chengdu has a lot of people who like rock. But compared with Beijing, Chengdu is without a lot of livehouses。The only place with regular live music is The Little Bar。Occasionally in other places we have the opportunity to play live.We hope that more livehouses open up. Chengdu has a lot of bands, but there are not many metal bands,especially metalcore,No more than 3。Now more and more young people like core, metal band should be more and more。

Azchael: You have performed with German post metal band “The Ocean” in Chengdu. What was your impression of them and their music?

Rao Rong: I was impressed by their music. Also very happy that we performed together. They are very professional,Worth learning。

Azchael: What do you think of post metal in general?

Rao Rong: oh…。。And the traditional different?Ha ha ha,i don’t kown,haha

Azchael: With early Beijing bands such as Yaksa or Ego Fall having kickstarted the metalcore movement in Beijing, which band gave you the impetus to start playing?

Rao Rong: oh…We did not influenced by them.ha ha ha.

Azchael: Where do you think is the best place to play metalcore in China?

Rao Rong: I think there is no “best place” to play metalcore in China。As long as you love metalcore,Careful to do music。Every place is the best。We like the best is Chengdu。

Azchael: Which foreign metal bands do you listen to mostly?

Rao Rong: From the beginning we listened to pantara, Metallica, eventually Korn, hatebreed,Lam of God,Now often listen to The Devil Wears Prada,Asking Alexandria,

Bring Me The Horizon。oh…Listen to a lot of bands, ha ha

Azchael: How do you find new songs?

Rao Rong: We hear a lot of music, not just metal. This increases our ideas about music。Regular rehearsals, usually work out new music after the first recorded and then we further modify them. We play more shows, increase our experience。

Azchael: Looking back at your 2 years of existence, which moment was the most impressive one for you as a band?

Rao Rong: Each show, I was impressed。Have a lot of fun. Recently, we performed in a square and off the stage sat a group of government officials, they could not get understand our performance, and behind them, there are many young people in the pogo, mosh and wall of death, ha ha ha.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?

Rao Rong: oh..Independent, free,Not subject to business impact。I think I am.

Azchael: What do you think of

Rao Rong: a very good website, the Chinese rock music more introduced to foreign.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview!

Rao Rong: no thanks,ha ha