Interview with Mary Dolls (2012)

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Our call to arms has even reached Inner Mongolia! Baotou metalcore band Mary Dolls had responded and participated in the song submission. Here is our take with them about the metalcore scene of Inner Mongolia.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?

Kun: My name is Zhai shuaiqin, but my friends usually call me Kun, I am the vocalist of Mary Dolls. Our band was founded in March 2010. The members of our band are all my friends, we have knew each other for many years. There are five members in our band, three of them have married, guitarist Wang Le, drummer Han Feng and me. The other members Wen and Ma are very young, we all living in Baotou , so our band is very stable.

Azchael: What instruments are you playing in the band? Which brand?

Kun: I’m using SHURE-sm58 microphone, guitars are SCHECTER made in Korea , and ESP made in Japan . Bass is WARWICK .

Azchael: Can you please describe the metal and metalcore scene in Baotou and in the rest of the Inner Mongolia?

Kun: Metal music was very popular in 2000, but it began to decline after that, the most important reason was we don’t have a stable place to perform, then our band was begin to conduct many rock performance since 2010, metal band in Baotou has increased to six from only one. Metal music in Inner Mongolia is very good now there are many bands in the rest of Inner Mongolia , and they all play very well.

Azchael: Are there a lot of bands in Inner Mongolia? A lot of venues?

Kun: Yes, there are many bands in Inner Mongolia , and there are many styles, metalcore, hardcore, punk, blues, and so on. They usually perform in a bar, there is only one live house in Inner Mongolia, it’s Ning Live House, in Hohhot . Many band performed in Ning, and there will be a new place to perform in Baotou in May, kind of a live house.

Azchael: Why did you choose to play metalcore?

Kun: We were all interested in metal music, and metalcore is more new, so we choose metal core.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?

Kun: I think the indie band that did not controlled by money is underground, and they play music just for their dreams. I think we are underground.

Marydolls asiametalfestival.jpg

Azchael: You have performed on the Asia Metal Festival? How was the performance? Do you have some live photos we can post?

Kun: Yes, in October 2011, we went to Beijing to take part in the Asian Metal Festival. We feel pretty good, the performance was very successful, we all feel relaxed. There are few photos,but not very good, we will send you in email.

Azchael: Do your parents accept the music you make?

Kun: They can’t accept our music at first, but after a lot of communication, they began to accept, I think communication is very important.

Azchael: How do you promote your music?

Kun: We don’t good at promote, we just make music, perform, and website such as weibo, douban, that’s all.

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China?

Kun: It seems like Rock In China had conducted a lot of rock performance, I think it’s a good thing, rock music in China is not very popular, many people still can’t accept this kind of music, so I think Rock In China helps a lot to promote rock music in China .