Interview with Monkey King (2012)

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Monkey King

Changsha is a city of fists!

Rock in China interviewed Monkey King, a former screamo turned to hardcore band from Changsha. Monkey King was one of the first bands to respond to the CORE IN CHINA compilation project and they are currently recording their songs to participate. Azchael for Rock in China and Yu Bin for Monkey King.


Azchael: Can you briefly introduce yourself and the band?

Yu Bin: you can call me Yu Bin, im a college student in Changsha, playing rhythm guitar in Monkey King. We are a screamo/Melodic Hardcore band in Changsha.

Azchael: Which instruments are you using? Which brand?

Yu Bin: guitar.ESP/Ltd

Azchael: What does hardcore represent for you?

Yu Bin: Hardcore represent my life attitude! it is kind of strong will and never give up. Hardcore For Life!

Azchael: With your dedication to music and live shows you had the chance to regularly perform in Changsha. What is the scene like? How wild are the Changsha youngsters? How many livehouses are there?

Yu Bin: Changsha just have 2 livehouses right now, every Changsha yongsters are waiting for new 4698! it is a fantastic livehouse, but it closed in 2010. Changsha moshers are so fucking wild!!! when comes a metal band or core band even punk band, moshers can do so many kinds of mosh! Changsha is a city of fists!

Azchael: On your “Madfist China 2011″ tour you went through a number of China’s cities. What have you learnt as a band?

Yu Bin: we have learnt alot and eat a lot on the tour road, haha! now we know that we must treat everthing with normal heart, dont worry, cos we had so many difficulties and problems on the road, and we must face them and go through them! we also know what kind of songs are the people likes, so our new songs will be much better!

Azchael: Which places would you love to visit next as a band?

Yu Bin: We love to visit Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanchang, Beijing, and every city that we have not visit this time in the next tour. We planed to visit 12 cities in the Madfist tour, but our drumer had a lot of troubles, so finally we just visited 6 cities.

Azchael: You have played with a number of “older generation” bands including AK 47 and Twisted Machine. What is your opinion on their music and where they are now?

Yu Bin: i think their songs and riffs are great momentum! every older generation bands have their own stuffs. i love them, especially the Yaksa!

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Monkey King with AK 47

Azchael: In the past I have noticed that band exchanges (where one band takes another long and vice versa) can help Chinese bands to play overseas. Have you had the chance to get in touch with Western bands to try that?

Yu Bin: sorry, we have not this plan now, cos we think we need more good songs and releases first, and we need to be more famous in China, then we have the confidence and power to play overseas.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Do you have band merchandise such as T-Shirts or Sweatshirts?

Yu Bin: we promoted our music by the internet such as douban and myspace and xiami. we have our band t-shirts! and its so good to wear it! that was our 2011 Madfist Tour band t-shirts.

Azchael: Have you ever thought about playing in Hongkong or Macau? Or any South East Asian country?

Yu Bin: now we are planing the next tour! maybe it will be at the May or June. we are thinking about go to Hongkong this time. If we have the chance to go to South East Asian coutries, we would love to go there and play to the foreigners!

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China?

Yu Bin: Rock in china is a great project!!! it can let many foreigners know about chinese rock band and live events! maybe some band checked your website and they want to come to china immediately! but i think many chinese rockers dont know this project. before i saw your website i even dont know that we have this great project. we must let more chinese people knows about it and join to us!

Azchael: Thanks for the interview.

Yu Bin: thank you too! Max cheers!

Listen to Monkey King’s song “Until you come” or others on Douban.