Interview with Raving Jokes (2012)

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Another participant of the CORE IN CHINA project has answered our tidious questions about metal and the Chengdu scene: Post hardcore band Raving Jokes.

Azchael: Can you please introcude yourself and the band RAVING JOKES?

Raving Jokes: My name is Huang Yao, currently serving as the band lead guitarist position. Our band was formed very rough, in the process of 2 years which replaced many times musicians, only I was the oldest member, now our team members are college students. The band members are metalcore fan, love of core music, so everyone together to rehearse what are more understanding.

Azchael: Have you guys signed with any record label?

Raving Jokes: Now we band also did not sign the record company, there is no fixed brand, adding some band union.

Azchael: What is the scene in Chengdu like? Are there many metalcore bands?

Raving Jokes: Now the Chengdu underground rock development is very optimistic, in Chengdu what style of music have, Chengdu people to the atmosphere! I now know Chengdu metalcore band may have more than 10 branches!

Azchael: What other domestic bands do you like?

Raving Jokes: There are many I like, such as Twisted Machine, LR , The Falling...

Azchael: What is metalcore for you?

Raving Jokes: The metalcore is let me one's blood boils with indignation. Can proceed without hesitation, a kind of energy, cause whatever I do will have the power of fire.

Azchael: Is your music and your way of life accepted by your parents?

Raving Jokes: The present situation of rock this way I can not go on, but I will adhere to not go now, but I will not erase the love of rock. My parents are very much against it, but we take part in some large-scale music festival, parents see my efforts, gradually changed the original attitude, as long as I do not delay the study they are all for me to go.

Azchael: In 2011, you went through a tour of Yunnan. What do you think of the scene there? Are there many metalcore fans?

Raving Jokes: Last year's Yunnan tour is the first tour of our band, is unforgettable tour, although each acting out of many people, but in the tour process, we made a lot of local band musicians, exchange a lot of experience, processing a lot in the tour occurred during a temporary problem, let our tour the band's each people more profound feelings, the first Yunnan tour gave us a lot of valuable experience.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Do you promote overseas?

Raving Jokes: We want to put their own original DEMO recorded for the end of the year, after the issuance of the band 's first EP. At present we have not to overseas to promote their own music.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?

Raving Jokes: I think the ground like a mine, wait for others to mining, while the band is the various types of various condition of ore. Our band is a mine which is slowly evolving ore.

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China?

Raving Jokes: I think Rock in China is a way to the mine, or Rock in China is a rock bridge connecting with overseas. All in all I think Rock in China must exist!

Azchael: Thanks for the interview.

Raving Jokes: THANKS A LOT!