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Former Changchun metalcore band Shut Up! Shut Down! participated in the CORE IN CHINA project and submitted a song to the team of Rock in China. Here is the interview by Azchael with them, which was translated from Chinese to English by Lavril:

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:大家好!我们是Shut up!Shut down!乐队 我们是一支metal/hardcore乐队 我是乐队主唱柳诗聪 我是贝斯眼子 我是鼓手唐鸿硕 我是吉他手杨云翔 我是吉他手程鹏

Hi everybody! We are Shut up! Shut down! a metal/hardcore band. There are five members in our band—vocal Liu Shi Cong, bass Yan Zi, drummer Tang Hong Suo, guitarists Yang Yun Xiang and Cheng Peng.

Azchael: What instruments are you using, what brand?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:贝斯是fender的 吉他分别是ESP和LTD 鼓手的设备有好多 各种牌子的都有

The bass is from Fender. Guitars are from ESP and LTD. As for the drummer, he has quite some equipment which are from several brands.

Azchael: Being known earlier as K362, what was the reason to change your name?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:以前在长春时候的老队员都不在了,就剩我们贝斯一个人了,其他的都是新队员,然后我们就在一起商量了一下,把以前的名字改掉了。这样心里也不会有太大的包袱去传承老乐队的一些什么。能更轻松的去做我们自己喜欢的音乐。

We discussed and decided to replace the old name with a new one, because those old members who were in Chang Chun all left, only our bass stays then the rest are all new. Thus, we wouldn’t have a burden of inheriting something from the former band, and enjoy more of making the music which we like.

Azchael: How was the metal scene in Changchun compared to Beijing? Shut Up! Shut Down!:我已经很多年没有参加过长春的演出了 只记得那时候演出的设备不是很好 还有那时候长春的观众特别热情

We haven’t attended any shows in Chang Chun for many years. We just remember the equipment were not so good at that time, but the fans were pretty passionate.

Azchael: In March and April 2012 you are heading to your Spring 2012 China Tour through 11 cities. How do you promote your shows in those cities?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:已经开始在网络上做一些宣传了,比如豆瓣,人人,微博什么的。还有就是承办方的宣传吧

We ve been starting of publicizing on the internet already, for example: DouBan, RenRen, WeiBp etc. And there are also some advertisement from the undertakers.

Azchael: Would you like to perform in more cities?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:当然有这个想法,但这次巡演恐怕不能增加城市了,希望明年我们能走一走更多的城市

Of course we do. But im afraid we wouldn’t add any cities more for the touring this time. I wish we can tour for more cities next year.

Azchael: What made you choose Post Hardcore as your music style?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:我们在创作的时候没有特意要去规定做某种风格,想到哪就做到哪。多元化发展吧。主要是以core为主吧。大家可以等我们的新EP发行后听听,里面融入了很多的元素。

We don’t fix our music style with any special intention when creating. Whatever we have in mind, we just go with it. You can call it diversified development, but somehow we still focus on “core”. You can try out our new EP later. We added quite some elements in it.

Azchael: Which other Chinese bands would you love to play with? Shut Up! Shut Down!:只要是好的乐队,我都很想跟他们合作,跟不同风格乐队去合作,可能会产生更好的一种化学反应

We would like to cooperate with any cool bands. There might be a better chemical reaction if we cooperate with some bands which are with different music styles.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground? Shut Up! Shut Down!:UNDERGROUND在国外不不太清楚 因为我们没有生活在国外 在国内 我们认为UNDERGROUND就是登不上报纸 电视 cd都是独立发行 我们的心中是不分UNDER OR NOT UNDER 的

We never live abroad, so we don’t really know how s the underground music overseas. In China, what we think as underground music are the ones you wont get to know on a newspaper or TV. Even for CDs, they are also released independently. Actually, we don’t really any music as underground or not underground.

Azchael: What was the most special moment for you as a band? Shut Up! Shut Down!:们会为了乐队 在某些事情上争吵 又会为了乐队 我们会互相妥协 每次演出开始前我们都要一起大喊"fuck everyone"

We definitely have some arguments here and there because of the band. But we also compromise for our band. We always shout out loud “ fuck everyone” before every gig.

Azchael: Do you have any fans overseas? Have you tried to make overseas promotion?

Shut Up! Shut Down!:有没有还真不清楚,不过打心眼里想出去走走,看看欧美的大乐队,然后再对比一下自身,弥补一下不足的地方

We don’t really know about it. But we do want to go out overseas, watch the famous bands from Europe and the States, compare with them and work on it to improve ourselves

Azchael: When will you release your EP and which songs will you include? Shut Up! Shut Down!:中国的新年结束以后 然后我们回北京继续做EP的剩余部分 大约2月底 3月初 这张EP会发行吧 这张EP收录了我们最新的四首作品

After Spring Fevstival, we will go back to Beijing to continue working on the rest part of our EP. It is probably gonna be released around the end of Feb or the beginning of March. It is included the latest four new songs from us.

Azchael: What do you think of Shut Up! Shut Down!:RockinChina.com在我们心里是现在我们能够看到为数不多的专门为摇滚乐服务的网站了 很大程度的推动了中国的摇滚乐 我们也很感谢RockinChina.com这次对我们的采访

We consider Rock in China as one of the few professional websites which serves for rock music. It gives a great impetus to China rock scene. We are very grateful for this interview from Rock in China.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview