Interview with Thyhazard (2012)

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Guangzhou band Thyhazard has joined the CORE IN CHINA project and submitted a very interesting song called "Liar" to the team of Rock in China. We are still listening to the song and am very glad that such a cross-genre exists in China. Hence we immediatelly emailed the band and forwarded our questions to them. Here is what they answered - Azchael for Rock in China, Tao for Thyhazard.

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and Thyhazard?

Tao: You can call me Tao,and I'm the sampler of Thyhazard. Thyhazard is an electronicore band,formed in Guangzhou in 2010. The band consists of vocalist Caoshu, guitarist Li and Yu, bassist Cheung, drummer Xing and sampler Tao.

Azchael: What instruments are you using? Which brand?

Tao: I'm mainly using a Roland SP-555 sampler,a KORG X-50 synthesizer and a Macbook Pro.

Azchael: Can you please tell me a little bit more about the scene in Guangzhou? Are there a lot of nintendocore or electronicore bands?

Tao: Guangzhou is absolutely an amazing city for those who like indie-music. The atmosphere here is great and people are very kind.

We have many great local bands and electronic music artists, but somehow ninthedocore or electronicore bands are much less here.

Azchael: What inspired you to do Electronicore?

Tao: We all like metalcore and electronic music includes techno,breakbeat,dubstep,etc.We were first inspired by some awesome bands like Asking Alexandria,Crossfaith and Attack Attack!.Then we started to think that it was a really funny stuff to blend two different genres together and electronicore must be a great thing for us to learn and play.

Azchael: Nintendocore band HORSE THE BAND was in China in March 2008. Did you have the chance to watch one of their shows?

Tao: No I didn't have that chance because I had to prepare for the college entrance examination.It's such a pity.

Azchael: Which other bands from China do you like to perform with?

Tao: There are so many great bands in China that we want to perform with,such as Tookoo,The Sweet Escape,Why Lazy,New Tank,Multi-Ego…we have too much to mention.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?

Tao: In my opinion,underground is a life style that bands emphasizing independence and creativity write or perform songs about their lives in the real world. Also,if underground fans like a band,they like it for real.Not a lot of people know underground bands.In other words,underground bands aren't mainstream; thus, I think we are underground.

Azchael: When will you record and release your first CD?

Tao: Actually we are preparing for our first EP and it will be released in the following months.And surely we all hope that we can release a full-length CD in the near future.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Do you also promote internationally?

Tao: We mainly promote our music by internet websites,such as Douban,Myspace and Facebook. Also,to join some band shows is the way we promote ourselves in some degree.

Azchael: What do you think of Rock in China and CORE IN CHINA?

Tao: It is a great website for people who like rock and any other indie-music in China. It has substantial informations and it also is a good way for underground bands in China to promote their music to the world.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview!You're welcome.It's my pleasure to have this interview.

Tao: Thank you.

PS: Unfortunately we couldnt allocate a youtube video for Thyhazard or bring Youku to play in Wordpress, hence if you wanna see them in action, check out this video of their live performance on December 9th 2011.