Kungfuology Podcast No.1

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Kungfuology Podcast No.1, a Shanghai-based podcast by the Kungfuology authors Andy and Jake

General information

Released: October 22nd 2009

By: Jake Newby and Andy Best

url: http://www.kungfuology.com/jakenewby/2009/10/podcast-one-lava-ox-sea-home-h.html

download url: http://www.kungfuology.com/Podcastone.mp3


Midi celebrate ten years with ... an awards show. Thanks, Chinamusicradar.

And where were Lava Ox Sea in the nominations!

This weekend was the 12th 0093 showcase at Yuyintang.

We liked New Vector and Fanqie Chaodan with his new band.

Gigs are back on at Harley's bar it seems.

Layabozi.com promote their first show in the world of indie rock, but go head to head with the old school punk night at MAO Shanghai.

We like Boys Climbing Ropes.

Finally, listen to "Home Hell" by Lava Ox Sea.