Kungfuology Podcast SE02 No.3

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Kungfuology Podcast SE02 No.3, a Shanghai-based podcast by the Kungfuology authors Andy and Jake

General information

Released: February 5th 2010

By: Jake Newby and Andy Best

url: http://www.kungfuology.com/jakenewby/2010/02/podcast-se02-ep-three-loudspea.html

download url: http://www.kungfuology.com/podcasts02ep3.mp3


There's reviews of last weekend's gigs including the Playful Warrior show at YYT and a CD release from someone or other. We have a good old chin wag about Douban (which is like crack to us) and the impressive numbers being racked up by some local indie folk acts there. Then, we take a look ahead to this weekend by previewing some of the gigs that you can catch around town. Go listen. - from the blog post