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Layabozi is a web-zine dedicated to music around China with its main quarters in Shanghai, it has been operating since 2008 publishing hundreds of articles by writers and photographers, all music lovers, enjoying a playground where to share their music adventure in China.

General Information



English title Layabozi
Language of website English
Founded in 2008

Subject of the Website

This website focusses mostly about the following subjects:

Shanghai, Rock, Magazine, Review

About Layabozi

Layabozi covers: live music (mostly in Shanghai until now), albums reviews and interviews of bands and producers from all over China, including international musicians that have come to China, or are in our list of those we'd like to have playing here too.

Layabozi aims to be a music platform for music lovers in China.

Their own description:
Layabozi is a web magazine about music in Shanghai today, with a sprinkle of the extra-mural and a tart sassiness—without ever being cloying. We take our inspiration from the snack which is both exotic (to us) and down home, and from which we take our name: Spicy Duck Necks. We are led by an exuberant, but discerning, Chilean amateur flautist with a strikingly handsome, yet humble, American bass player in support. We strive to provide writing that nourishes while piquing the intellect, and knowledge of music all over Shanghai, from Classical to Nouveau, from the Shanghai Grand to the neighborhood Chinese Opera house.

Layabozi Team

Layabozi is produced by a group dedicated music lovers from all over the planet.

Some Articles on Layabozi

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Further Information

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