Luna Zhang

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Luna Zhang

Luna Zhang

English Name Luna Zhang
Field active in Photography
Died on 2009/09/18
Died in Beijing

General informaiton

Luna Zhang, photographer of the indie music scene († 2009)

Luna Zhang died in the early morning of September 18th (a rate condition called Budd-Chiari syndrome (obstruction of the hepatic vein)). She was 38.

Self Introduction

“To be a photographer, you have to be lustful; you have to understand how to appreciate the unique beauty of every individual, man or woman – and you have capture this.”

“I don’t like continuous shooting. That kind of photography is mechanical and lacks emotion. Candid shots of people in motion carry express the photographers emotion as well as the mood of those being photographed. This way, every photography has it’s own soul.”

“The rock ’n’ roll circle in China is like a big family, everyone is very close, just like a group of brothers completely bound to each other.”

– Luna

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