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Lv Zhiqiang, 吕志强 lǚ zhìqiáng (aka 狗子 gǒouzi) founder of the Yugong Yishan

He was named a hero by the Time Out Team of Beijing, introducing him as

A champion of the underground, in 2004 Lv Zhiqiang (Gouzi to his friends) opened the first Yugong Yishan (previously know as Lushang Bar), which gave a massive boost to the scene and influenced other new live venues to open their doors to the new generation of Beijing musos.

Yugong also sets itself apart through the diversity of its music – while the both excellent D-22 and MAO largely plump for local rock, Yugong basically plays anything, as long as you can dance to it. Lue oversees every act, and they’re normally brilliant.

Lv’s hero: Zhang Fan. He has been totally dedicated to improving and growing Beijing’s music scene for so long. He just keeps going in the face of obstacles which are sometimes hard to overcome.[1]

In the 1980s he was a member of the Beijing Breakdance Crew and started his heavy metal band San Ba in the beginning of the 1990s. Between the years 1995-1999 he lived in Germany and since 2003 he took over Club Yugong Yishan[2]

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