Meat Sucks - Buried the Truths

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Background Information
Song Title Buried the Truths


Chinese Lyrics English Lyrics

Strangle your neck now I see
you’re fucking dead

Nobody would speak when we’re surrounded by gunk
Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean you
Even pigs grunt better than you
So get out my face I don’t wanna punch you

I’m not the lamb of god
I’m not the slave of satan
Pushhhh pushhhh
push you from the edge

Keeping our heads real up
We will never let anyone down
This is the dynamic we’ve got
Get ready to blow your minds up
Tell me if you satisfied
Hold it if you wanna cry

God I pray so devout to you
Let me get out this filthy world
No one is listening the words
This flesh went dry
Now I’m in this fucking band
And you still making in the bed

All the weirdo think I’m a crazy SOB
But the fact is I’m only the only living one
Cuz I know how painful it could be
Cuz I know how awful to lie about it
It’s so fucking freezing out there
I’m gonna set you on that blazzing fire

I see the shit coming out your brain
Look at your left side and look at your right side
Those are the who willing to tell and willing to fight
This is the best gift that I have ever given
A one way ticket to satan’s for all your damn ass
Now the world is clean again
But if you’re listening
Driving through all the cities
All I hear is the one calling
Strangle your neck now I see
You’re fucking dead


Melody & Lyrics: Meat Sucks

Vocalist:Sami蛮/Guitarist:Mike李思成/Marco 周泰龙/Bassist:Zuo 佐/Drummer:Hannibal 龚啸

Mixing&Demo:jiang peng姜鹏 mastering:jiang peng姜鹏

Post Mastering: Björn Sonderman