Metal Battle 2011

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Metal Battle 2011

Metal Battle 2011 金属战火 (jin shu zhan huo) is an international band competition of metal bands


General Information

Date: March 25th, April 1st, 2nd and 16th

Location: Beijing 13 Club

Tickets: each show 50 RMB at doors

Organizer: Painkiller Magazine and W.O.A. Metal Battle

Website: or


Metal Battle is a band competition for Chinese Metal Bands done by Painkiller Magazine and Wacken Open Air.

In 2011 the only participating city is Beijing, there will be 3 pre-rounds and one final battle, all taking place in Beijing's metal venue 13 Club

The Metal Battle China competition in 2011 comprises out of 3 pre-rounds and 1 final, all taken place in 13 Club. Each pre-round would feature 6 or 7 artist groups resulting in two semi-winners of each night. All 6 semi-winners will take part on the final battle. The main winner will have the opportunity to represent Chinese Metal and go to Germany and take part on the international final on Wacken Open Air Festival!


1st Preround

  • Friday March 25th 1st Pre-round at 13 Club with:

2nd Preround

Friday, April 1st - the 2nd pre-round

3rd Preround

4月2日 星期六 预赛(3)

Final Battle China

4月16日 星期六 决赛

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Further Information