Midi Music Festival 2008 (May) (Canceled)

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Midi Festival 2008 in Beijing has been delayed to autumn!!!

Replacement Party cancelled as well!!!

English Announcement: post on midi forum

Chinese Announcement: post on midi forum
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Reason are the recent tragedies in China, in detail the train accident nearby ZiBo and the recent outbreak of EV71 and its related death toll. The Midi management decided to cancel the festival for in a time of mourning such an activity does not fit.

Our condolence and thoughts to the dead and their families!

- the RiC Team

General Information

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Rock in China is official partner of the Midi Festival 2008

Location: HaiDian Park, Beijing, China

Date: May 1st-4th, 2008

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Bands Impressions of Midi
Live and Rockin'

More than 50 Chinese bands and more than 30 foreign bands will rock this years Midi!

Schedules: Stage One | Stage Two | Greenpeace Stage | Yan Stage | HipHop Stage | Folk Stage

Midi 2007 at night

4 days of rock, punk and metal, captured in photos by professional photographers.

Location & Directions Mini Midi 2008
Map of Midi

Located in the HaiDian Park in Beijing, here are the respective direction...

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Yan Jun, host of Mini Midi

Mini Midi is: the only outdoor experimental music festival in China, the extension of non-stop ‘Waterland Kwanyin’,the experimental stage of ‘Midi Festival’, the next life of underground rock, the relative of noise, a party of independent organizations. Free & Serious fun. Where? Who? When?


General Festival Info

This year, the location of the stages is going to be a little different from the 2007 festival. However in addition to the outdoor stages, also the exhibition hall next to the east gate is going to be used.

There won't be an organized Apres Midi by the Midi School itself, but interested clubs can receive the contact info of all participating bands to organize their own Apres Midi.

Ticket: 50 RMB for one day, 150 RMB for all 4 days

Rules & Regulations: Midi Music Festival

Want to know more about the history of Midi?: Midi Music Festival


Tickets are available between 1st - 4th May at the Main Gate of Haidian Park

Ticket Prices

One Day Ticket: RMB 50.-- each day

All-Days-Ticket: RMB 150.-- for all 4 days

Note: this year's Midi Festival wont have student-tickets or group-tickets.

Entrance: Entrance at Main Gate from 1st - 4th May each day at 11am

Contact Information


Midi Music Festival Organization Committee

Tel:8610-62858616 / 62859013




Midi Music School Office

Tel:+8610-62590101 / 62590007





Starting at 12:00 on 1st May Haidian Park will open its gates for festival visitors. Your ticket is valid both for Haidian Park and all festival areas (incl. official Midi venues of the festival, details tba).

A 4-days ticket will be available, valid starting on May 1st at 12:00 and expires on May 4th at 22:00.

The ticket sale starts on May 1st at 12:00.
(due to experiences of last year, you should hurry to buy the 4-days-ticket, it was sold out last year already at late afternoon on the first days and not available anymore for the rest of the festival time)

For drivers:

beginning at 8:00 of 1st May till 12:00 of 4th May, no car driving is allowed inside of Haidian Park except for vehicles explicitly allowed by Midi Festival organizers.


This year, Midi Festival will provide a shopping lane north from (behind) the main stage. Available articles of Midi Festival are T-Shirts and Girly Shirts, long sleeves, cups, key patches, headphones etc.

Rules for Camping

Camping Areas

Camping is only allowed in the camping areas defined by Midi Festival, each camping area is divided into spaces. The staff at the camping areas will help visitors keep the order and position of camping spaces and care for garbage. We ask all campers to help and keep this area clean.

Camping (over night) on festival areas is prohibited. All festival will be cleared off each evening when Haidian Park is gonna to close the gates (around 10pm). Visitors are not allow to stay over night within the festival area.

Opening Time

  • the Camping area will be opened on 30th April at 9am and closed on 5th May at 2pm.
  • On the 1st May at 11am a morning call service will wake you up at camping area and inform you about the leaving bus for heading to the festival area.

Garbage and order

  • The cleaning and garbage service will start every day at 4pm.
  • The staff at the camping area will provide black garbage plastic bags for all tents. The garbage service will pick up all full packed garbage bags.
  • There will be a toilet and garbage area especially provided for the camping area.
  • Tents: there is no specific restriction about the distance between tents, but please keep a regular distance between tents that makes sense.


  • the emergency terminals (gate ways in case of fire, ambulance etc.) must be kept free of any physical blockades (incl. tents, garbage, all kind of ropes etc.) at all time, so firemen and ambulance can immediately get through to all areas and evacuate any area if necessary!
  • camping fire: any kind of open fire at all camping areas incl. parking places are strictly prohibited, incl. candles, cooking tools, barbecue, torches, electric and gas heaters etc.!
  • Furniture: home use furnitures and other easy flammable objects are not allowed to be brought into all camping areas, except for objects especially designed for camping usages.


  • Parking: without specific permissions, vehicles are not allowed on camping areas, personal cars must be parked at predestined parking places.
  • Bikes: the usage of bikes is not allowed within the festival areas (except for explicit permission). The usage of bikes in the camping areas does not require any permissions, although we recommend not to. Bikes can be stored near the east gate entrance.
  • Camping costs: Midi Music School does not charge any fees for the camping and therefor can not provide camping accessories.

First Stage Schedule

Time May 1st May 2nd May 3rd May 4th
12:30-13:00 The K 56度 热气球 (Balloon) 逃跑计划 (Perdel)
13:20-13:50 破碎 (Broken) Mishkin (UK) The Verse 波澜童话
14:10-14:40 瑞王坟 (R.W.F) 霜冻前夜 (Frosty Eve) 龙神道 (The Way of the Dragon God) 军械所 (Ordnance)
15:00-15:30 渡鸦 Likka Royal (Finland) Ziyo Dengel
15:50-16:20 Gammalux (Germany) 艳+澜办得 (Yan+Lan Band) 红烧肉 (Hong Shao Rou) 沙子 (Sand)
16:40-17:10 苏阳 (Ou Yang) 山人 (Mountain Men) 张岭的蓝调老张乐队 (Zhang Ling of The Big John Blues Band) 秋天的虫子
17:30-18:00 简迷离 (Gemini) Mediengruppe Telekommander (Germany) 龙宽 罗绮
18:20-18:50 Hopper (France) 生命之饼 (SMZB) CMCB Subs
19:10-19:40 木玛&Third Party (Muma) 沼泽 (The Swamp) Astro’n’out (Latvia) 脑浊 (Brain Failure)
20:00-20:30 Raunchy -- Denmark -- http://www.raunchy.dk/ 夜叉 (Yaksa) 扭曲机器 (Twisted Machine) Backyard Babies (Sweden)
20:50-21:30 X.T.X. Mando Diao (Sweden) Hardcore Superstar (Sweden) 痛仰 Miserable Faith


(2008-04-17 15:42:39)


Second Stage Schedule

Time May 1st May 2nd May 3rd May 4th
13:00-13:30 V-Band 过失 (Demerit) K 362 新香水 (Xin Chun Shui)
13:50-14:20 Silent G Karin Park (Norway) 审吾氏
14:40-15:10 痴人 春秋 (Spring Autumn) 国际联合敲击军团 (Raging Mob) Easy Going
15:30-16:00 拆呢 咖啡因 (Caffe-In) DeBau-Cherry -- Germany -- MySpace 玛雅 (Maya)
16:20-16:50 Funky (Japan) 糖果枪 (Honey Gun) 肆伍 (Four Five) Hellvar (Iceland)
17:10-17:40 钟茌和乐队 (Zhong Chi) 3 Storeys High (UK) 核聚变-G (Nuclear Fusion-G) 变色蝴蝶 (Proximity Butterfly)
18:00-18:30 El Columpio Asesino (Spain) 窒息 (Suffocated) 冥界 (Narakam) Vicky Pollard (Iceland)
18:50-19:20 Heaven's Night 反光镜 (Reflector) 零壹 (Ling Yi) 面孔 (The Face)
19:40-20:10 信徒(The Believers) 左右 (LR) Turdus Musicus (Norway) Tookoo
20:30-21:10 21st Century Noise (Sweden) AK-47 液氧罐头 (Oxygen Can) Surferosa (Norway)


(2008-04-17 15:42:46)


Greenpeace Stage

Time May 1st May 2nd May 3rd May 4th
15:10-15:40 秋水 白墙 意志残存 北京制造
16:00-16:30 大伢乐队 堕天 Angry Jerks
16:50-17:20 Discord 灰子与夏乐团 重创 滑轮
17:40-18:10 守夜者 (Night Watcher) 逻辑失控 黑宇 (Dark Cosmos) 欲望之箭 (Arrows Made of Desire)
18:30-19:00 渗透 (Filter) Lesson One RandomK(e) SKO
19:20-19:50 食草堂与相对论 -- 37.5 橡胶唱针 (Rubber Phonograph Needle)
20:10-20:50 Steely Heart 林伽 (The Linga) The Reason 意外惊喜 / Surprise


(2008-04-17 15:42:54)


Participating Chinese Artists

  1. 56度
  2. 热气球 (Balloon)
  3. 波澜童话 (Billows Fairytale)
  4. 渡鸦
  5. 红烧肉 (Hong Shao Rou)
  6. 苏阳 (Ou Yang)
  7. 龙宽
  8. 过失
  9. K 362
  10. 新香水 (Xin Chun Shui)
  11. 玛雅 (Maya)
  12. 痴人
  13. 糖果枪 (Honey Gun)
  14. Heaven's Night
  15. 拆呢
  16. 秋天的虫子
  17. 罗绮
  18. 痛仰
  19. 审吾氏
  20. Easy Going
  21. 秋水
  22. 白墙
  23. 意志残存
  24. 北京制造
  25. 大伢乐队
  26. 堕天
  27. Discord
  28. 灰子与夏乐团
  29. 重创
  30. 滑轮
  31. 逻辑失控
  32. RandomK(e)
  33. 食草堂与相对论
  34. 橡胶唱针 (Rubber Phonograph Needle)
  35. Steely Heart
  36. The Reason

to be confirmed

Participating Oversea Artists (so far)

  1. Raunchy -- Denmark -- http://www.raunchy.dk/
  2. DeBau-Cherry -- Germany -- MySpace
  3. Funky -- Japan

Yan Stage

Time May 1st May 2nd May 3rd May 4th
12:00---12:45 DJ Edmund (台湾) DJ 皮皮(北京) DJ Yurang (北京) DJ Deysun (塞尔维亚)
12:45---13:30 DJ Tim Crouch (英国) DJ Lesile Jaycee (北京) DJ Ozone (美国) DJ Fish(上海)
13:30---14:15 DJ GOTAMA(比利时) DJ Aldwin(菲律宾) DJ QQ (北京) DJ El-Mar(德国)
14:15---15:00 DJ Elemental+Snow (新西兰+美国) DJ Suki (北京 ) DJ Will (英国) DJ Blackie (英国)
15:00---15:45 DJ Cody k (香港) DJ Shenyue(北京) DJ Poppy ( 香港) DJ Sebastian Bayne (澳大利亚)
15:45---16:30 DJ Neebing (北京) DJ Jerryson (上海) DJ Sara C (英国) Liman(live) (北京)
16:30---17:15 DJ Flo eysler (德国 ) DJ Chozie (澳大利亚+中国) DJ Mael (法国) DJ Renaud Sips(比利时)
17:15---18:00 DJ Ou yang (北京 ) DJ X.lee (济南 ) DJ Siesta(香港/上海) DJ Harry (成都)
18:00---19:00 DJ Mansun lui (香港) DJ Wordy (北京 ) DJ Jerry K (广东) DJ @llen (台湾)
19:00---20:00 DJ Mickey zhang (北京) DJ Usami (香港) DJ Eddie lv (北京 ) DJ Patrick yu (美国)
20:00---21:00 DJ Yangbing (北京 ) DJ Ben Huang (上海) DJ Dio (北京) DJ Youdai (北京)

Hip Hop Stage

Time May 1st May 2nd May 3rd May 4th
14:50-16:20 DJ LOMANG
15:20-16:50 DJ Shougo
16:00-17:30 DJ The Melkman(美国) DJ WANGLE
16:30-17:00 STONE UNIT(宁夏)
17:00-17:30 Xin Jie Kou (新街口)
17:10-17:40 PD. DOGGY
17:40-18:10 乱战门(西安) 李萌 MC LIER
17:50-18:50 DJ WORDY
18:20-18:50 邪恶少年EB(苏州) C.I.T.Y. X.A.E.R (西安)
19:00-19:30 C.O.U. 龙井 DJ TATTOO ABD(波兰)
19:40-20:10 嘻哈公园 LIL RAY 凤凰鸣 FatLipz from No Fear Family(武汉)
20:20-20:50 龙门阵团体 爽子与义和团 陈奎(美国) 张楠 (Crazy Chef)
21:00-21:30 El Klan de los Dedete (Spain) ONE-J(荷兰) 李俊驹 (Kirby Lee) XYL(加拿大)

Folk Stage

Time May 1st (十三月专场) May 2nd (十三月专场) May 3rd May 4th
13:00-13:30 张一定 李漠 纳乐队 仁科和五条人
13:45-14:15 张思安 刚子 董佳佳 周峰汤旭与什锦超市乐队
14:30-15:00 六个国王 冬子
14:35-15:05 西山老妖 小舟
15:15-15:45 叶宏钢 奥杰 阿格
15:20-15:50 张达
15:25-15:55 丑娃娃
16:05-16:35 叶尔波力与乐队 伊如勒乐队
16:10-16:40 候鸟
16:15-16:45 川子
16:55-17:25 MR PiE (英国) 诅咒的药片Chocho Maldito
17:00-17:30 另外两个大人 (张玮玮和郭龙) 阿吟琴乐队
17:45-18:15 刘东明 VIALKA{法国} 夜郎与南蛮乐团
17:50-18:20 马条与小不点乐队
18:35-19:05 乔小刀(道具保修) 低苦艾乐队 Kamila (加拿大)
18:40-19:20 老狼
19:25-19:55 耳光和朋友 幸福大街 (Happy Avenue) 王娟
19:40-20:20 万晓利
20:10-20:40 Jane Germain (Australia)
20:15-20:45 布衣 (Cloth) Hussy Hicks (Australia)
21:00-21:30 虞洋 赵已然
21:05-21:35 赵牧阳

Mini Midi

As the Mini Midi event is not hold on the Midi Festival area itself, please find all info, including all artists at the separate page for the Mini Midi 2008.

Directions to the Festival

The 2008 Midi Festival will be held at Haidian park.

The park’s address is 2 Xin Jian Gong Men Lu, Haidian, Beijing.

Getting there by Bus: To get to Haidian park, you can take either the 302、904、933支、933、973、362、384、特5、817、725、708、992、996、运通108 to Fu Rong Li station.

Or you can take the 740 740内、740外、735、835、840内、840外、751、982、983 to Haidian Qiao station.

Arriving from outside Beijing

Beijing railway station

Get on the 808 bus at the railway station and take it to Bai Shi Qiao station and transfer there to the 特5 bus, which you should take to Fu Rong Li station.

After arriving at the Beijing Railway station you can take the subway to Xi Zhi Men and leave the subway station at the southwest exit and take the 904 bus to Fu Rong Li.

How to get to Haidian park from Beijing west railway station

Get on the 374 Bus at the Beijing west railway station to Wan Quan Zhuang station. Transfer there to the 933 bus to Fu Rong Li station.

Get on the 320 Bus at Beijing west station to RenMing University and transfer there to the 302 Bus to Fu Rong Li station.


Main Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music (北京迷笛音乐学校)

Executive Org.: Beijing Midi Liveshow Co. LTD. (北京迷笛演出有限公司)

Huahan Int. Culture Development Co. (华翰国际文化发展公司)

Co-Organizer:Green Peace, ROSA, Danish Music Export Office, Goethe Institute Peking, Gibson Guitars, Canopus Drums, LEE, The French Embassy, The French Culture Center, The Norwegian Embassy, The Embassy of Finland, The Embassy of Iceland, The Swedish Embassy, The British Embassy Culture Section, Beijing Andersen Culture Institute (北京安徒生文化中心), Sino-French Cultural Exchanges, neocha.com, Beijing Eastern Edison Technology Inc., Roland Music, VOLKSWAGEN FINANCE (CHINA) CO. LTD., 唐西文化、第三类制作

Midi Official Website: midimidi.cn, midifestival.com, [1], midi.sina.com.cn, midi.rockinchina.com

in collaboration with:tencent.com, Travel TV Moving Rhythm, Centural Peoples Radio Sound of the City Fm101.8

Co-Production: 鑫泰世纪文化发展公司、Guitar China、高地音乐网、YgTwo、Painkiller Mag、Sub Jam-观音唱片、凹凸文化、Dragon Tongue Records、13月厂牌、喜利声文化艺术活动策划公司、鹰翼联合国际会展公司、StarLive、人民唱片、Chengdu Littlebar。

Television: Channel[v]

Air play media: China International Radio, Easy-Fm, Fm 91.5

Print Media: Rolling Stone Magazine, Beijing Evening News, 信报、Youth Weekend, 京华时报、新京报、Beijing Morning News、Beijing Youth Paper、法制晚报、精品购物物指南、城市画报、Cityweekend、周末画报、That’s Beijing、YOHO潮流志、通俗歌曲、Time Out 乐、So Cool 杂志、新主流、1626杂志、时尚男人装杂志、O’ZINE、双休日Touch、夜北京、文苑票务、非音乐、口袋音乐。

Online Media: Tom Music, Sohu Entertainment, Yahoo Entertainment, NetEase Entertainment, MOGO, Democn.com, Myspace.cn, MIDI爱好者、rockyear.com, rockbj.com, 久游网、酷客网、一听网。



Further Information

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