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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Mix Market is a Pop Punk / J-Rock artist , originally from Tokyo, Japan.

General information about Mix Market


English Name Mix Market
Genre Pop Punk / J-Rock
Origin Tokyo, Japan


Formed in May 1997, they wend onto stage the first time in October that year. The first two published songs appeared on the compilation "TV-Freak a gogo 2" in 1998 where listener votes pushed them to the 2nd place of the ranking. In April 1999 and in Feburary 2000 their first two singles came out over K.O.G.A. Records, both sold over 10 thousand copies and topped raning charts of Japanese and Korean TV Stations on 2nd place at peak times.

The debut album "Fuzzy Floor" was released in March 2001 which were sold in 15 thousand units. From then on, the released several singles which all are very popular in dance clubs and always caught the attention of the youth media. The 2nd album "Treasure Land" came out in March 2003 with still astonishing 8000 sold copies, followed by a best of release "Chronicle" in May 2004. A 30 piece tour wend through out Japan, 7000 visitors in total came to the shows. After the departure of both drummer and bass player, the band took a short break.

Since October 2004, the website Japanfiles.com successfully pushed Mix Market on the US market and helped them to gain a huge fan base there. Two years later, at the end of 2006, the band started to play live again with a new line up. Elephant Music was found in September 2007 which marks the end of the collaboration between Mix Market and K.O.G.A. Records. While K.O.G.A. released an obligatory best of album "Zoo Zoo Zoo", the band themselves started out with a new studio album "Elephant" in November 2007.

Since July 2010, Mix Market is signed to People's Records, with that they will do more live shows and other activities within east Asian area.



  • Fuzzy Flor (March 2001, K.O.G.A. Records)
  • Treasure Land (March 2003, K.O.G.A. Records)
  • Chronicle (Best Of, May 2004, K.O.G.A. Records)
  • Zoo Zoo Zoo - MM Best Of Koga Years (October 2007, K.O.G.A. Records)
  • Elephant (November 2007, Elephant Music)

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