Modern Sky Festival 2007

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General information

Title Modern Sky Festival 2007
Chinese title 摩登天空音乐节 2007 / Módēng Tiānkōng Yīnyuè Jié 2007
Start Date 2007/10/02 14:00:00
End Date 2007/10/04 22:00:00
Organizer Modern Sky Maybe Mars Records
Event Location(s) Beijing Haidian Park

Event Poster

Modern Sky Festival 2007



Modern Sky Festival 2007 (摩登天空音乐节; Módēng Tiānkōng Yīnyuè Jié) is an outdoor rock music festival in Beijing, China, organized by the Modern Sky record label.

General Information

Date: 2nd - 4th October 2007

Location: Haidian Park, Beijing

Organizer: Modern Sky Records

Series: Modern Sky Festival

Further Information

Painkiller Mag is going to do the hard'n'heavy stage there again.

The first festival was held October 2-4, 2007 at Haidian Park. It featured four stages of music and over 120 bands, including the headliners, the American band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Chinese bands included New Pants, Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues, P.K. 14, Queen Sea Big Shark, Joyside, Carsick Cars, and Snapline.

First Stage Bands


New Face


Girl's Day


Heavy Metal

Electro Stage

  • DJ Goldsworthy (DFA Records, US)
  • DJ Sweeney (DFA Records, US)
  • DJ @llen (TW)
  • DJ Ben Huang
  • DJ Blackie (UK)
  • DJ Blaise Deville (CH)
  • DJ Chozie (CN+AU)
  • DJ Dave Kollection
  • DJ deysun (Serbia)
  • DJ D-Rail (NZ)
  • DJ Eddie Lv
  • DJ Elemental (NZ)
  • DJ Elvis. T (TW)
  • DJ Erwan (FR)
  • DJ G-Sound (FR)
  • DJ Huang Weiwei
  • DJ Mael (FR)
  • DJ Micrometropolice (CH)
  • DJ Pancake Lee+DJ Xiao Linfeng
  • DJ Vvip (FR)
  • DJ Youdai
  • The Antidote (US)
  • Dead J
  • iLoop
  • Queen Club
  • Didjelirium (FR)

Fourth Stage



New skull+EMO



Opinions of the festival

“It was like nothing we’ve done before, from the very beginning they were hungry for us.” Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)[1]

Further information


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