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Modern Sky Festival 2009 (摩登天空音乐节; Módēng Tiānkōng Yīnyuè Jié) is an outdoor rock music festival in Beijing organized by the Modern Sky record label.


General Information

Date: October 4-7, 2009

Location: Chaoyang Park, Beijing, China

Tickets: tba

Organizer: Modern Sky Records

Website: (tba)

There will be three stages: Main Stage; MySpace Stage and Cha Stage.

Note: No international artist was allowed to perform!


Main Stage

Time October 4th October 5th October 6th
(Diesel:U:Music Day)
October 7th
Slot 1 (time tba) Bigger Bang 波激小丝 (Boojii) Snake and Jets Glorious Pharmacy
Slot 2 (time tba) Housse de Racket Sissy Wish Casino Demon DH & Chinese Hellcats
Slot 3 (time tba) The Life Journey Arms and Legs Terror Pidgeon Dance Revolt! Free Energy
Slot 4 (time tba) Second Hand Rose Band Regurgitator Hedgehog Miserable Faith
Slot 5 (time tba) International Noise Conspiracy Queen Sea Big Shark Hearts Revolution British Sea Power
Slot 6 (time tba) P.K. 14 Radio 4 New Pants Re-TROS
Slot 7 (time tba) Shonen Knife The Swamp Buzzcocks The Futureheads

MySpace Stage

Time October 5th October 6th October 7th
11:30-11:50 The Fireballoon The Tumbleweed (风滚草) Daisy Fay (黛西飞机)
12:00-12:20 Unsafe Planet Map (星球地图) The Ghost Spardac
12:30-12:50 Larry's Pizza Miss Woman Alt Senior
13:00-13:20 The Mailman (邮差) Metoo The Reason
13:30-13:50 Caoqin & Starry (曹秦 & Starry) Flying At Midnight (午夜飞行) Candy Monster
14:00-14:20 MIA & Her O.M.G. (米艾 & 她的O.M.G.) Qian Chi (千墀) Guan Zhi (管制)
14:30-14:50 Lucky Monkey (跳猴) Valley+Cloud Polly Garden
15:00-15:20 Golden Driver Zhu Sha (朱莎) 9 In Summer
15:30-15:50 Steely Heart Dish Ding Ke (丁可)

Cha Stage

to be announced

Participating Foreign Artists

  • Buzzcocks (UK)
  • The Futureheads (UK)
  • Shonen Knife (Japan)
  • Radio 4 (US)
  • British Sea Power (UK)
  • Regurgitatory (Australia)
  • International Noise Conspiracy (Sweden)
  • Hearts Revolution (US)
  • Terror Pidgeon Dance Revolt! (US)

Previously Rumoured Foreign Artists

  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy[1]
  • The Buzzcocks[2]
  • Free Energy[2]
  • Blonde Redhead

On September 30th, news broke out[3] that all international acts were cancelled by the local PSB, a news that was confirmed on October 1st[4]. However the festival is planned to happen otherwise as scheduled on October 4th-7th.

Further Information

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