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2008-08-16: New RiC Firefox Search Plug-In available.

2008-08-06: Cooperation with the Hip Hop in China (Blog) started.

2008-07-26: P.K. 14 release a new album.

2008-03-30: Proximity Butterfly News Update

2008-01-27: P.K. 14 makes Time Magazine's list "5 Asian Bands to Watch in 2008".

2008-01-19: In This Moment China tour 2008 announced.

2007-09-29: New label Maybe Mars releases Joyside, Carsick Cars and Snapline albums out of Beijing.

2007-09-24: Wasted Orient available on and

2007-04-05: Listen to songs by your favorite artist directly in the wiki.

2007-02-12: New Joyside album and Europe Tour forthcoming.

2007-01-05: Subs on the front cover of Rolling Stone China 《滚石》 magazine.

2006-11-20: Re-TROS will re-release their Cut Off! EP in the US in March 2007 and produce a video clip with their new label Tag Team Records.

2006-11-08: Fabrique in Shanghai re-opens as the new live music venue 4 Live under Zooma's wings.

2006-10-16: New Subs album Down is out.

2006-10-05: Midi Festival 2005 DVD available in Europe at (see

2006-08-30: New Tookoo EP Dance For Yourself.