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NIHILIST, Beijing Death/Thrash Metal band


Vocals & Guitar: Bradley Chowles

Guitar: Robert Connolly

Bass: David Connolly

Drums: Marek


The desolate wasteland that has become of the local Beijing metal scene has been festering in its own rancid state of mimicry and monotony for far too long. Yet fear not, for there is hope on the horizon in the form of a new death metal act which has already started making a name for itself as Beijing metal’s timely messiah.

Having graced the stages of some of the most sought after metal stages around, Nihilist has brought back to the table insane riffage, vulgar shredding, mind-numbing breakdowns, apocalyptic drumming, gut wrenching vocals, as well as countless other components of the best death metal has to offer.

From a broad range of influences spanning from Dimmu Borgir to Sepultura, Lamb of God to Dying Fetus, foolish be those lost souls who dare doubt Nihilist capabilities in the art of death metal.
Nihilist is comprised of Marek on drums, David on bass, Robert and Bradley on guitars, with the latter guitarist doubling up as the vocalist.

Currently, Nihilist is planning on recording their first demo, and is also focusing on a spot on the 2009 MIDI Festival stage.


They performed on the Metal Festival 2007 (11th Sep.) in 13 Club

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