No.43 Baojia Street

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Photo from their first record, thx Yoshito Katori

No.43 Baojia Street (鲍家街43号, Bàojiā Jiē 43 Hào), Beijing Rock started 1993


Wang Feng 汪峰 - vocals and lead guitar

Long Long 龙隆 - guitars (Tuan Jie Hu Groove)

Qing Sifeng 秦四风 (aka Sedar Chin, Tuan Jie Hu Groove, Sedar Trio)

Du Yong - keyboard

Xiao Fang - drums


No.43 Baojia Street is the address of Centural Music Academy 中央音乐学院, where most of the musicians have studied music. No.43 Baojia Street is a solid Chinese rock band of the 2nd generation. Later band leader and vocalist Wang Feng made a quite some solo career with his song contribution to national events such as Chinese rocket start ups or the Olympic games etc.

The band is formed in November 1993.


  • No. 43 Baojia Street (Beijing Jingwen Audio Visual: 1997)