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Pangbianr, a blog about underground music, art, film and food in and from Beijing

General Information

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Pangbianr Logo

English title Pangbianr
Pinyin title 旁边儿
Language of website English, Chinese
Founded in 2009

Subject of the Website

This website focusses mostly about the following subjects:

Rock, Punk, Beijing

General information

Pangbianr is a platform for exploring the lived culture of making music in China. Our mission is to produce, distribute, and promote underground Chinese music and to build relationships between musicians, filmmakers, and visual artists both within China and internationally. is a resource for discovering avant-garde and emerging music from Beijing and elsewhere in China via streaming audio, video, reviews, interviews, and articles about independent Chinese art, music, and film.

pangbianr regularly organizes music performances, film screenings and discussions at various live music venues and art galleries around Beijing.

pangbianr distributes physical goods (CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, zines, books) within China and internationally.

According to an interview by with Pangbianr:

Pangbianr started about a year ago with a group of friends who liked going to shows, drinking beer and talking about the things we were most interested: art, music, film and food. We launched the site in June 2009 with a few show reviews and recipes. At the beginning the team was pretty fluid, more or less a collective. Now that some of the original members have moved on from Beijing, our projects are a bit more centralized. At the moment the core team is about 6 people, though some of the current members are leaving Beijing this summer. We’re going to keep the core team small but at the same time figure out ways to increase community involvement.[1]

Pangbianr Radio

Pangbianr Radio is the name that the blog is using for distributing Chinese underground music either as real CDs or as digital albums on bandcamp.

Further information

Official pages


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