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Rock in China : Hip Hop Music in China

Hip Hop in China is a phenomenom both present in the mainstream music and the underground music. Especially due to the help of Angela D. Steele and Lila Babb, as well as the crew of Yin Ts'ang and their institution hiphop.cn is more known about the growing hip hop scene in China.

Despite those celebrated successes as YIn Ts'ang or CMCB, numerous other acts gained recognition in the past. A good starting point to find out more about the hip hop scene is to download the Zai Beijing: A Cultural Study of Hip Hop thesis of Angela D. Steele, in which she describes the Beijing hip hop scene in detail.

Furthermore check out the Hip Hop in China (Blog) do discover weekly new artists from around the country, in-depth articles about the correlation of Hip Hop to other streetwear trends or youth movements (e.g. Graffiti or Skateboarding).

Hip Hop Artists

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Read more about all the bands and artists performing hip hop in China.

Updated on a continous basis, whenever time and effort allows, in close cooperation with the Hip Hop in China blog.

Hip Hop Downloads

From time to time there are new rappers in the scene and from time to time, we of Rock in China offer their songs for download. Check out the available hip hop mp3s for download right now...