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Rock Music in China


From the 80s with Cui Jian, Black Panther, Cobra and many other bands, rock erupted in China into numerous subgenres, from post punk to metal, from grunge to jazz and delivers wonderful melodies, songs and records, that persist in the minds of Chinese young people today.

From the break between the rock band generations, the upcoming Rebellion of Denial towards the underground kings of Tongue and No, the establishment of Modern Sky Records and Scream Records, the stadium-size concerts of Tang Dynasty and the Europe Tours of Subs and other bands.

1997 and the birth of the Beijing Midi School of Music and its related Midi Music Festival the scene in Beijing became a new basis that allowed dozends of bands to evolve, grow and distribute their music to audiences China-wide. Read more about the History of Rock in China or check out the general Chinese Rock genre information.

Chinese Rock Videos

Rock Artists

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Read more about all the bands and artists performing rock music in China.

Check out Folk rock veterans Second Hand Rose or Post Rockers P.K. 14.
Check out Chengdus Soundtoy or dive into Shanghai's band The Honeys.

Rock Downloads

From time to time there are new bands in the scene and from time to time, we of Rock in China offer their songs for download. Check out the available rock mp3s for download right now. E.g. the Cold Fairyland sample mp3...

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