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Qi Ying, Shanghai Metal Band (translated: Flag end; basically the ball at the end of a flag pole)



The band Qi Ying (translated: Flag end) was found in Shanghai in 1999 and concentrated mainly on songs of Guns'N'Roses and Metallica. In 2000 a drummer (Li Jia) joined the band and their first performance was on October 15th after which the band broke up due to problems with the general performance.

However Yang Zheng Zhong and Lin Yuan kept on going and together with drummer Zhu Bei they started the band again, despite missing a vocalist.

In 2001, Qi Ying's style moved forward into the realms of extreme metal and tried to include some original Chinese music. June 1st, Qi Ying performed together with the band NOWHERE TOWN.

2002 was marked by two milestones for Qi Ying: One the one hand did their musical style change into the area of progressive power metal (such as RHAPSODY, SYMPHONY X, DREAM THEATER) and on the other hand did they finally find a vocalist around June.

In 2003, a keyboarder joined and after fixing their lineup in 2004, they recorded one song for the compilation CD Dead Night II and another one for the 41st issue of So Rock! Magazine.




  • So Rock! Magazine no. 41

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