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Background Information
Song Title No Vain


Chinese Lyrics English Lyrics

goodbye bye bye my love
to try try try you want
请给我你的拥抱 别让我恐惧的笑
fight fight fight for my war
gonna fast you want
请给我你的拥抱 我不想再去等待

没有妥协 不再敷衍 不会后悔

睁不开 看不见什么是你的包容
没结果 没有她从没有想过自由
我不是脆弱 不是没有梦 不是从没想过回头
我不会承诺 也不会相信i wanna kiss goodbye

Goodbye bye bye my love
To try try try you want
Please give me a hug you don't let me fear.
Fight fight fight for my war
Gonna fast you want
Please give me your embrace I don't want to wait

No compromise is no longer a perfunctory not regret
Forget all the tears
You go back to yesterday, can not go back to that day
In this world not see forever
I no longer believe that perfect commitment
I am afraid to face alone

The chorus
Not open to see what is you.
No results have never thought she free
I'm not the vulnerability is not no dream is never back
I don't promise to never believe i wanna kiss goodbye


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